The Way

Rangi42’s guide to the Easter eggs, secrets, codes, and generally hidden stuff in Lun Calsari’s The Way.

A text-only version (136.92 KB) can be found here: TheWayGuide.txt.


  1. Introduction
  2. Version History
  3. Easter Eggs
    1. The Original Hero of The Way
    2. C.O.O.L Meeting
    3. Cocoa Was Here
    4. Short Sketch
    5. Cocoa’s Scene
    6. Deleted and Altered Scenes
    7. Bookshelves
    8. Mirrors
    9. Minor Easter Eggs
  4. Secrets and Codes
    1. Game Over Messages
    2. Hidden Messages
    3. Jopaga’s Books
    4. Citadel Scavenger Hunt
    5. PBW Bishop
    6. PGP Start Code
    7. M 2 O Man
    8. WayVoice Files
    9. Notes
  5. Credits
  6. Contact Info
  7. Legal Info


The Way is a masterful 6-episode game created by Lun Calsari (with help from others). It’s available at Crestfallen Studios. Although it was created with RPG Maker 2000, you do not need RM2K to play it. Some of the Easter eggs and codes, however, will require RM2K to view.

Version History

I began making this guide on December 17, 2006, and first made it public on January 21, 2007. It is currently at version 1.1.

1.1 (January 24, 2007)

1.0 (January 21, 2007)

Easter Eggs

The Way includes various Easter eggs for curious or thorough players to find. All the ones I know of are listed below.

The Original Hero of The Way

In Episode 2, an inaccessible event on the Marna Stretch that looks like a female RTP ninja with a male RTP hero’s head has a long speech about what The Way was originally like.

E2Map17 (257,128) EV0824:

Hi, I was the original hero
of The Way.
The creator used RTP graphics and
made a long intro featuring me.
But then Lun learned how to do
some 3D graphics....
He also realized that I have
the body of a female
RTP character.
This wasn't cool, so I got ditched
and then Lun created a custom
graphic for Rhue.
Several other failed versions of
Rhue were created in the process.
Lun sure got good at sprite editing
Maybe we'll see some of
them pop up in the game
Another thing, a lot of people seem to
think Lun uses RTP facesets, or merely
edited ones.
Maya made them, but Lun wishes he
would have used a different style now.
However, he was planning on using RTP
facesets somewhat, so he wanted them
to match with the custom ones.
What a mistake.  He eventually
ditched that idea of using any RTP
faces. (For the most part.)
Mostly because a lot of people in
the Rm2K community get really
whiney when they see RTP
If you don't have a clue what
RTP is, then bless your soul!
That means you have a more
open mind.
However, if you reached me, I would
assume you must know what
RTP is.
Don't bother talking to me again
I'll just repeat this long boring

C.O.O.L. Meeting

In Episode 3, a hidden door in the upper right of the Matalan Battle Grounds leads to a secret room with a Lyn Rock and a note from Lossus. Peering through the crack in the wall reveals “one of the most screwed-up scenes ever conceived” (to quote Jabbo Kaldra). It’s probably inspired by something real, especially since one of the Blood Lyn is named Luke (after Luke Wacholtz?).

Secret Room (003,011) EV0033:

Play SE: Latch
Found a Lyn Rock!
Variable Ch:[0507:NotchItem#7-LynRock] +, 1
RHUE: Hmmm... There's a little
note in here.
Congratulations, you have found my
treasure.  If you're a true warrior
you'll know what to do with it.

Change Switch: [0238:Got Lossus Treasure]-ON Set

Secret Room (007,003) EV0011:
Secret Room (008,003) EV0043:

RHUE: Looks like you can see into
another room through this
Take a look?

Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
Teleport: 0099:C.O.O.L. Meeting (008,009)
[No] Case
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [0236:Meeting Over] - ON
Play BGM: zombie
RHUE: What kind of crap was that?
Change Switch: [0237:Rhue Comments]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [0237:Rhue Comments] - ON
RHUE: I'm not interested in those
idiots over there.

C.O.O.L. Meeting (002,003) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: B+happyrbuilding
JOHN: This meeting of C.O.O.L.
is now called to order.
BEN: What?  We never start
this way.
JOHN PAUL: What are you talking about?
LUKE: Yea, I've got a new song
I'm just dying for you guys to
SEAN: Is this one in the Key of
E like all your other ones?
Cause it's getting really old.
LUKE: Oh, is that so?
JOHN PAUL: Hold it you two.  Don't make
me cast some stones.
BEN: Oh man, were not talking
about major league right now
John!  Get a grip!
JOHN PAUL: Oops, I forgot myself
for a moment I guess.
DARREN: I've got a good story
about Joanna and I once we
get started.
CHRIS: No girl news here, but I
got a great story about optical
LUKE: Optical what?!  You got
to be kidding me!!! *laugh*
CHRIS: Yea, wait till you hear
the whole story!
JOHN PAUL: Can we simmer down just
a bit?  We should really get
STEVEN: What is it we do here again?
[Everyone looks around.]
JOHN PAUL:  Something important, I
know that.
LUKE: Oh, that's a big 132
on that one John.
SEAN: Eat your peanuts and raisins
and shut up Luke.
BRIAN: From now on we should just
meet at my place and shoot pool.
If you guys are lucky I might even
invite my lady friends over.
DARREN: Your cousin IS kind of hot...
BEN: This is sort of off topic, but has
any one seen the hot new P5 counting
SEAN: We had a topic?
STEVEN: (I hate these people.)

Change Switch: [0236:Meeting Over]-ON Set
Teleport: 0098:Secret Room (007,003)

Cocoa Was Here

In Episode 4, there’s a house in the lower right quadrant of Estrana that says “Locked.” if you try to enter, but you’ll enter anyway if you have more than −2 Rhue Points. There’s a chest filled with gold in the room, and the message “COCOA WAS HERE” spraypainted on the wall in red. When you leave, an odd message appears.

ESTRANA (169,162) EV0608:


Event Conditions: Variable [0850:Rhue+] -2 above
Teleport: 0050:easteregg (009,013)

Event Conditions: Switch [0712:Never again] - ON

easteregg (008,005) EV0003:

RHUE: A chest full of money and ultra
powerful items.   I better drop
the Items I have now to take these!

easteregg (009,014) EV0016:

You've been Cocoaed the !@#$ up!
Change Switch: [0712:Never again]-ON Set
Teleport: 0015:ESTRANA (169,163)

Short Sketch

In Episode 5, an extra map called “Short Sketch” contains a long and funny cutscene. To view it, you have to set the Start Party position to “Short Sketch (000,010)” and begin the game.

Short Sketch (000,009) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: A+TheWay
[Pan across Estrana. Many people are waiting in lane at the Casino.]
MINOSHA: Yo, this is gonna rock!
CHERRY: Id beddur, fur this much shine!
MINOSHA: Kirky, give the tickets to me.
KIRKY: Tickets?  I don't gotz 'em...
MINOSHA: Cherry?
CHERRY: Nodd me.
MINOSHA: Paapa snap!  You guys are
CHERRY: Nup.  Serious.
KIRKY: Must of left'em at home.
MINOSHA: Flam...  This is wrank!
I gotta go get'em!
CHERRY: Drag some cham, cozo!

[MINOSHA runs to get tickets and bumps into KLOE.]
Play SE: Blow2
KLOE: Hey, watch where you're going!
MINOSHA: Sorry ku!
MAN: Funny, how you bumped into me...
KLOE: (Oh no, not this AGAIN...)
MAN: Are all blondes ditzes?  My girlfriend is
blond and she's just like you, always running
into me or punching me playfully.
KLOE: I'm NOT ditzy!  Ok?!  That guy knocked
me into you!  I wasn't HITTING on you!
MAN: I don't blame you for backing down.
My girlfriend is right over there and she'd
kick your pretty patootie in a heart beat!
KLOE: You mean the blond woman that
old guy is proposing to?
MAN: WHAT??!!!!

[Pan to DIRK and a BLOND woman.]
DIRK: (The little lass packs quite
a punch, heh.)
MAN: You evil life sucking witch!  How
could you betray me like this?!
BLOND: You lace head FREAK!  I
told you to stop following me around!
MAN: Come on Shana, don't be that way!
BLOND: That's not my name you flaming
snap head!!  And if you call me that one
more time...
MAN: Shana, please darling, people are

Play SE: Scream3
[“SHANA” screams and pushes MAN over a wall.]
Play SE: Blow1
Play SE: Cannon
Play SE: Blow2
VOICE: Murderer!!!
[Guards chase “SHANA”. Pan to DEALER and BUYER.]
DEALER: You want to buy?
BUYER: Yea, I heard you've
got a new "product" for sale.
DEALER: That's right.
BUYER: Is it better than your
rival Bare Head Bob's stuff?
DEALER: His stuff isn't even comparable...
and he ISN'T my rival.
BUYER: What do you mean?
DEALER: Take a look.
DEALER: As you can see, I've left the
dark and dreary world of drugs behind
and moved on to.... heh,
"greener pastures".
BUYER: Sweet lands!!  Bare Head Bob!!!
BUYER: You're sick man!  You're sick!

[Pan to DEALER’s WOOLIEs eating MAN who “SHANA” killed.]
DEALER: (I knew I should have gone
with chickens.)

Play SE: Sheep
WOOLY: (Mmmmmmm!)
Play SE: Sheep
WOOLY #2: (This isn't baahhhd!)
Play SE: Sheep
Play SE: Sheep
WOOLY #3: (Are you guys thinking what
I'm thinking?)

Teleport: 0030:Big 132 on that one (000,000)

Big 132 on that one (001,000) CONTROLLER:

MAN: I'm telling you, he killed Bare
Head Bob and fed him to man eating
SHADOW LORD: I think you're laced
up a little too tight my friend...
MAN: No I'm not!  It's true!

[Pan to ALAN and a GIRL.]
GIRL: Do you hear... a rumbling?
ALAN: Only the rumblings and stirrings of my
stalwart heart, braving the plethoric perils of
passion that I might be captivated by the
sensations of your cherished favor!
GIRL: What?
GIRL: Aaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!!!

Play SE: Sheep
[A herd of WOOLIEs stampedes, killing two BLUE SCARVEs and making GIRL flee.]
Play SE: Blow1
Play SE: Sheep
Play SE: Blow1
Play SE: Sheep   (10 times)
ALAN: Scourge of Menara!!  Graceless
usurpers of fidelity!
ALAN: May your warm-blooded wooly
carcasses burn forever, transfixed on
Belial's spits!

[Fade to black.]
I think it's pretty obvious why this never
made it into the actual game. =)

                   THE END

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Cocoa’s Scene

In Episode 6, two extra maps contain more scenes by Cocoa O. Muerto. One “Cocoa” map is an unfinished dodgeball-like game against two soldiers in green armor; the other is a room with a talking dog who equates Serena with a symbol of sexuality (a parody of Freud?), and a sword that you must talk to 154 times (if you’ve ever seen rumors and supposed cheat codes for games that involve talking to anyone 100 times (200, a thousand, etc), you’ll get the joke). The maps are inaccessible, though, because the required switch (“2276:COCOA DISABLED”) is never turned on.

The City (049,020) EV0665:

Event Conditions: Switch [2276:COCOA DISABLED] - ON
Hey do you want to play Cocoa's
Dodgeball Challenge?

Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
[No] Case
GOTO Label: 1No
END Case
Would you like  to hear
the instructions?

Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
What are you friggin' retarded?
It's friggin' dodgeball, damn you're
stupid.  I can't believe I let you play
my game.
Erase it from your hardrive
now.  Better yet, reformat it.
You don't have anything but
porn on it anyway. I looked.
[No] Case
Oh so your to friggin' smart?
your too good to hear how to
play my game?  Fine, I'll laugh
when your ass gets kicked.
END Case
Fade-Out BGM: 1s.
Teleport: 0147:Cocoa (003,008)

Cocoa (005,005) EV0008:

RHUE: Apples, just like mom use to make.

Cocoa (009,007) EV0009:

RHUE: Peas and carrots, and vag... err... lima beans

Cocoa (008,005) EV0012:

RHUE: It's a bucket.......................

Cocoa (009,005) EV0007:

GIRL: I bet you're going to make some crude
sexual remark!
RHUE: You have a very nice bow.
GIRL: Pervert!

Cocoa (012,005) EV0005:

RHUE: It's a vase, duh.

Cocoa (012,004) EV0006:

RHUE: It's someone's ashes, tastes like chicken.

This event is inaccessible.

Cocoa (011,005) EV0013:

This pot is here to distract you from
more important objects in the room,
like that dog.

Cocoa (013,007) EV0011:

BARKY: RHUE! Listen to me!
RHUE: What?
BARKY: RHUE! Serena isn't real! She's a
representation of idealized hetero-
sexuality! Rhue, It's all a big game!
RHUE: You mean, people are playing with me?
BARKY: Exactly! Listen, you must reject
the oppresive reign of the hetero's!
Join me in my crusade for man on
animal love!
RHUE: I would, but after what happened
with dippy, I don't think I can ever
love again.
BARKY: Are you saying...
RHUE: When my fertility, symbolized by
dippy ran franticly through the pits,
I experienced sexual torment the
likes of which no man can endure.
BARKY: I'm not dippy! I'm Barky! I won't
leave you, you must learn to trust
Rhue, or you'll never find any true
emotion, or meaning in life.

Play SE: Wind1
[BARKY becomes transparent until he disappears.]
Change Switch: [2296:ULTIMATE POWER S]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2296:ULTIMATE POWER S] - ON
RHUE: He vanished! I've confronted my
unconscious desires and raised them
to consciousness.  No longer am I
tormented by Barky, the horny dog.

Play SE: Absorption2
 WILL +1000!
Change Switch: [2297:ULTIMATE POWER 2]-ON Set

Cocoa (013,005) EVE0099:

RHUE: It's the mighty shadow sword "Ghost
 Horror." That's gay, I don't want it.

Change Switch: [2287:Ghost Horror 1]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2287:Ghost Horror 1] - ON
RHUE: This sword doesn't interest me.
Change Switch: [2288:Ghost Horror 2]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2288:Ghost Horror 2] - ON
RHUE: I said I don't care about this!
Change Switch: [2289:Ghost Horror 3]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2289:Ghost Horror 3] - ON
RHUE: No, still not interested, but maybe If I do
it 100 more times I will be.

Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 10
Change Switch: [2290:Ghost Horror 4]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2290:Ghost Horror 4] - ON
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] -, 1
RHUE: I only need to do this  \v[1000] more times.
FORK Optn: Varbl[1000:Ghost Horror Checks]-0
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 20
Change Switch: [2291:Ghost Horror 5]-ON Set
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [2291:Ghost Horror 5] - ON
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] -, 1
RHUE: I'm very persistent, only \v[1000] more times!
FORK Optn: Varbl[1000:Ghost Horror Checks]-0
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 30
Change Switch: [2292:Ghost Horror 6]-ON Set
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [2292:Ghost Horror 6] - ON
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] -, 1
RHUE:  \v[1000] more times and I'm sure I will be

FORK Optn: Varbl[1000:Ghost Horror Checks]-0
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 40
Change Switch: [2293:Ghost Horror 7]-ON Set
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [2293:Ghost Horror 7] - ON
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] -, 1
RHUE: I must be nearing a reward, only \v[1000] more!
FORK Optn: Varbl[1000:Ghost Horror Checks]-0
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 50
Change Switch: [2294:Ghost Horror 8]-ON Set
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [2294:Ghost Horror 8] - ON
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] -, 1
RHUE: My persistence will pay,  \v[1000] to go.
FORK Optn: Varbl[1000:Ghost Horror Checks]-0
Variable Ch: [1000:Ghost Horror Checks] Set, 60
Change Switch: [2295:Ghost Horror 9]-ON Set
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [2295:Ghost Horror 9] - ON
RHUE: I did it! I'm the greatest!
Play SE: Absorption2
FOCUS - 10
WILL - 10
POISE - 10
RHUE: WTF? Who's responsible for this!?

Play SE: Absorption1
Show Picture: 1,Credits5

Displays: “Chief Executive Ballyhooer - Cocoa O. Muerto”.

RHUE: Burn you Cocoa!
Change Switch: [2296:Ghost Horror 10]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [2296:Ghost Horror 10] - ON
RHUE: ...

Deleted and Altered Scenes

Throughout the episodes, scenes and events that were started but never finished, or cut from the final game, have been left in the game. Also, some scenes were different in earlier or beta versions of the game, but were changed later on.

Episode 1

The custom menu system was originally going to be done using maps and events; Lun switched to a picture-based interface, but the maps (“Stats1”, “Stats2”, “SwordNotchesScreen”, “NotchItems”, “PlungeInterface”, “BladeArts”, and “Auras”) remained in the game.

Before Rhue’s plunge with the headhunter novice, the headhunter asks about a person named Jeruh. He also mentions Jeruh during the plunge. In an earlier version of the game, he mentions Gaius instead.


Play BGM: BVenturingdeeper
Stranger: Hail, wanderers...
Stranger: I'm looking for a person named
Jeruh.  Have any of you seen him?
Dana: Not me.
Wes: Me neither.  What about you Rhue?
Rhue: ...
Stranger: Well?
Rhue: No.
Stranger: Thank you for your cooperation, but
all the same...

[Battle with Headhunter Novice.]
Stranger: Now that it's down to one on one
it would only be right to finish this with
a plunge.
Rhue: All right.  (At least this will
buy us some time.)

[Stranger begins to walk away.]
Rhue: (Should I attack him from
No... he wants me to I bet.)

[Dana lectures Rhue on Risk Attacks and collapses.]

Play SE: thwoomp
Note: Sound of girl collapsing.
Play BGM: B-Confrontation
Stranger: All right little one, it's time to die.

Stranger: You're absolutely pathetic.

Stranger: So the name Jeruh doesn't
ring a bell huh?
Rhue: I have no idea who Jeruh is.

Stranger: I think it's about time to finish
you off.

Stranger: You should have ran when
I turned my back fool.
Stranger: See where bravery gets you?

[Slade rushes in from the right and attacks Stranger.]
Stranger: Wha...
[Stranger begins to bleed and collapses.]
Stranger: Who...
Slade: ...

[Slade attacks Stranger again.]
Note: Fall Animation here.
[Slade knocks Stranger off the bridge.]
Slade: Scum...
Teleport: 0040:Tent1 (009,007)
Play BGM: C+littletown

Episode 2

Maps that were seemingly used to test chipsets, animations, Plunge- and menu-related events, and so on, have been left in the game. (They are: “MAP0008”, “RockyTiles”, “MAP0019”, “TestMap”, “TestMap” (this one underneath “MAP0008”), “City Test”, and “CHESTS!!!”.)

In the upper floor of Lide’s tavern, the second day Rhue is there, the door to Kygar’s room used to be open. You could go in and take a Heart Stone on his table, and comment on the mirror in the room (see the Mirrors section). The Heart Stone and mirror now remain, but the switch to open the door (“0267:E2M8-KygarDoorOpen”) is never turned on.

Tavern-Upper Floor3 (013,010) EV0013:

RHUE: It's a Heart Stone.
Should I take it?

Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
Took Heart Stone!
Variable Ch:[0505:NotchItem#5-HeartStn] +, 1
Change Switch: [0266:E2M8- HrtStoneKygar]-ON Set
[No] Case
END Case

Tavern-Upper Floor3 (010,009) EV0043:

RHUE: Stupid mirror...
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0820:Looked At it]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [0820:Looked At it] - ON
RHUE: ...

(To see what the variable “0441:$@$ Look Here” is for, see the Mirrors section.)

Episode 3

Maps that were seemingly used to test chipsets, animations, Plunge- and menu-related events, and so on, have been left in the game. (They are: “TestMap”, “RockyTiles”, “Lun's Room”, “CHESTS!!!”, and “PITS SCRAP”.)

In an earlier version of the game, the cutscene with Slade beating up Alan for hitting on a girl was set on the map “(DELETED FROM GAME)”, and was not actually accessible. Now, the maps “Added On Late” and “Late Addition #2” contain this scene, using 3D panoramic maps instead of chipset-based ones.

Episode 4

Maps that were seemingly used to test chipsets, animations, Plunge- and menu-related events, and so on, have been left in the game. (They are: “RECURSION”, “TestMap”, “RockyTiles”, “CHESTS!!!”, and “MAP ROOM”.)

The Val Parra Cafe was going to be in the game, but is unfinished and not actually accessible.

Originally, in the cutscene with Rhue accidentally killing Lexus, Rhue would kill the Arastotzi chasing her instead of Lexus if your Lexus Points were above 7. He would then go celebrate at the Val Parra Cafe. The possibility of her living now remains, but your Lexus Points can never get above 7.

The Switch Off (010,013) CONTROLLER:

Note: Fate, or is it something else that
      decides the future?
Note: Something you said or didn't say?
      Something you did, or didn't do?
      I wonder.     Lun

FORK Optn: Varbl[0846:Lexus+]-7abov
[LEXUS runs down the top hallway while the Arastotzi runs down the bottom one.]
[The Arastotzi runs down the top hallway while LEXUS runs down the bottom one.]
END Case
Teleport: 0148:Twin Tunnels (011,001)

Twin Tunnels (005,013) CONTROLLER:

[LEXUS and the Arastotzi each run down whichever hallway they did before.]
Change Switch: [0640:The Finally]-ON Set
Teleport: 0143:Room #6 (025,022)

Room #6 (009,013) CONTROLLER:

Play SE: thunderrumble
Fade-Out BGM: 5s.
RHUE: (Someone is coming!)
Play SE: steps   (20 times)
FORK Optn: Varbl[0846:Lexus+]-9abov
[The Arasotitzi runs in and RHUE kills him.]
Play SE: thunderrumble
Play SE: SwordSpin
Play SE: Kill8
RHUE: Well, I did what they told me to
do.  I think it's time to get out
of here.

Note: ...  Later.  Celebrate at the cafe.
Note: Are the secret blank switches thrown?
      Otherwise everything will be screwed up.

Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
Teleport: 0112:Entrego's Room (007,008)

[LEXUS runs in and RHUE kills her; he is shattered by her death and STOKYO must persuade him to leave.]
END Case

Episode 5

Maps that were seemingly used to test chipsets, animations, Plunge- and menu-related events, and so on, have been left in the game. (They are: “TestMap”, “RockyTiles”, “CHESTS!!!”, “MAP ROOM”, and “ESTRANA-BACKUP”.)

The cutscene with Traziun killing Kalmar was originally set in the Inner Sanctum of the Blana Sera temple, but is now moved to the Inner Sanctum of the Black fortress.

The cutscene with Rhue confronting Gaius, and choosing whether to plunge with Strata, was originally going to be the end of the game. Traziun and Strata were involved, as well.

The End of the Way? (001,001) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: WayEndoftheWay
[Pan to RHUE catching up with GAIUS, who has his eyes closed.]
Note: 6 steps.  7 steps from Gaius.
RHUE: Look who it is, my run away
tour guide.
GAIUS: I never said I'd take you
to the End of the Way.
I said you could follow me
if you could keep up.
RHUE: Thanks, now I don't feel
so hurt.
RHUE: Now if you'll kindly tell me
which way the End of the
Way is so I can find Tetzel.
GAIUS: The End of the Way used to be
right here.
RHUE: What?
GAIUS: You're standing on what used
to be the End of the Way.
RHUE: I don't have time for this...
Where is Tetzel?
GAIUS: He fled from here before
I arrived.  Most likely
he's somewhere on the
other side of this tunnel.
RHUE: Then I guess I'll be on my way.

[RHUE starts to leave.]
Change Switch: [0197:Others Show up]-ON Set
GAIUS: Sorry, but that won't be possible.
RHUE: Why is that?
GAIUS: I've had to reconsider your
existence on the Way.
GAIUS: I'm afraid I've realized that you
can't be allowed to continue in
your current state.
RHUE: Current state?  What are you
talking about?!
GAIUS: Just drop your sword and back
away.  That's all you need to
RHUE: What?!
GAIUS: It's a Shadow Sword.  It will
destroy you.  If you like, you
can just hand it over to me.
RHUE: ...
RHUE: Why would you want it then?!
GAIUS: I want to help you, Rhue.
RHUE: I don't trust you...  How could
giving you my sword help anyone?
GAIUS: Because I will destroy it.
RHUE: Shadow swords can't be destoryed...
GAIUS: Trust me Rhue.  I'm your
friend.  Just look at what you
did to Lyrra with that awful thing!
RHUE: I was defending myself!
How do you even know
about that?!
GAIUS: I sensed it.... I knew
it had to be you.
RHUE: You're one weird guy...
GAIUS: If you mean that I'm not quite like
most wanderers, then you're
absolutely correct.
GAIUS: But under that definition, you're
quite weird as well. Please,
give the sword to me.
RHUE: What are you talking about?!
GAIUS: Don't you know who you are?
RHUE: I'm Rhue of Landorin!

[STRATA enters behind RHUE.]
STRATA: You murdered Lyrra!
GAIUS: Listen to him Rhue, you're
a murderer!  Give me your
sword and let me help you!
RHUE: I'm a murderer?
GAIUS: Don't you know?  You're the
Phantom Slasher!

[TRAZIUN enters behind RHUE and above STRATA.]
TRAZIUN: There you are...
Note: ======

Show Picture: 5,ToBeContinued

Displays: “Το βε χοντινυεδ…”.

Call Save Menu
Teleport: 0005:EpisodeSaveScreen (000,000)

In an earlier version of the game, the cutscene with Rhue confronting Gaius, and choosing whether to plunge with Strata, was set with them walking from right to left; it is now set with them walking from right to left.

Save of the old version (001,001) CONTROLLER:

Note: 24, 12 is start location
Note: This is the original version of the End map.  Changed because of a beta tester complaint
      that the directions were too screwy.  First going left in this scene, and then running right
      in the next scene. So I reversed the directions for this scene.

Episode 6

Maps that were seemingly used to test chipsets, animations, Plunge- and menu-related events, and so on, have been left in the game. (They are: “TestMap”, “RockyTiles”, “Bunny Training”, “Racing Map Test”, “CHESTS!!!”, “MAP ROOM”, “PITS SCRAP”, “MAP ROOM DOTS”, “CHARACTER SELECT”, “Character Stats”, “MENU ROOM”, “Auditorium”, “Lights”, “Gallery”, “Battle Version”, “Battle Version 2”, “The Cliff”, and “CHARACTERS”.)

Originally, Dream Estrata was going to have a time system. Minutes used the variable “0550:City_Minutes”, hours the variable “0551:City_Hours”, and days the variable “0552:City_Days”. The screen was tinted different colors for dawn, morning, daytime, afternoon, evening, and night. Although the event for this is no longer activated, it remains in the game.

The City (000,006) THE CLOCK:

      120 minutes per hour.  This allows hours to be easily used for time changes. Lun

[Increments the minutes, hours, and days, and tint the screen accordingly.]

There was going to be a graphical representation of the red-haired lady’s explanation of Shadow Swords, as there was for Jopaga’s explanation of auras in Episode 4, but it was never finished.

Reflective Sky (048,250) EV0211:

[The party confronts the red-haired LADY who has a portal stone. She seems to think that RHUE will kill her. RHUE asks her about Shadow Swords; she explains that Shadow Swords can make their owner nearly immortal, that they can absorb “full, powerful auras” from killed wanderers, and that they are “picky” about their victims.]
SACRIFA: How many auras can a
Shadow Sword absorb?
Could it become infinitely
LADY: That's a very good question
with a very interesting answer.

Note: ============================================================
Note: -

LADY: Shadow Swords strongly bind
themselves to the natural, or
as some say, the original aura,
of the one who possesses them.
LADY: The bonds become stronger
and more intertwined the
longer they remain.
LADY: However, as the sword absorbs
other auras, it binds itself to
them as well.
LADY: These connections are very weak
compared to the connections made
with the original aura, but as more
and more of them are made,
LADY: the original/dominant aura's
power begins to erode.
LADY: After a certain limit the
original aura's bonds to its
soul and body are suddenly
snapped and the other auras
LADY: rush into the opening.
LADY: The soul and body desperately
begin to form new connections
with the chaotic mass of invading
auras which ends up driving
LADY: the wielder into a state of
multiple personality, suicidal
LADY: It's only a matter of time after
this occurs that the wielder
then kills themself, dispersing
the auras and destroying the
LADY: connections made to them
by the Shadow Sword.

[RHUE asks the LADY if she knows how to get past the aura surrounding the Arm of Estrana; she says that it is too dangerous, and that the top cell holds “the truth of many things”, but gives them a key to go underneath the tower.]
Fade-Out BGM: 2s.
[Fade to black.]
Play BGM: WayTheCity
Change Switch: [1337:Red Woman Over]-ON Set
Teleport: 0220:Storage Area (010,006)

Originally, there was going to be an option to train and race rabbits. One map, “Bunny Training”, has a semi-functional system for patting and kicking your rabbit to train it. Another, “Racing Map Test”, has RTP graphics of your rabbit racing against two others. Although the minigame was never finished, the maps remain in the game.

In an earlier version of the game, instead of Gharon knocking the party into the depths of the Reaches during one of the game’s three endings, Rhue jumps off a cliff himself into the abyss. Although the ending’s events now take place on the map “REACHES”, they originally began on the map “REACHES 3”, which has been left in the game. Furthermore, the ensuing cutscene with a philosophical soliloquy spanning four panoramas was originally divided into one map for each panorama; although a single map (“REACHES 4”) now uses all four, the original maps remain in the game.


[RHUE moves up.]
Play SE: Creature Moan
Change Switch: [1850:Show Friends]-ON Set
[The other party members form a circle.]
Play SE: BeastGrrr
RHUE: What's that?
SACRIFA: Another lesser...

Play SE: Creature Howl
MIDIAN: It's below us...
RHUE: ...

[Gharon appears as the PHANTOM SLASHER.]
Play SE: BeastG2
Play SE: BeastG2
RHUE: Here it comes!
[Battle with Gharon.]
[Gharon outstretches his arms and spins around, shaking the cavern with his attack.]
Play SE: Blow4
Play SE: Earth5
Play SE: Explosion7
[Gharon’s attack knocks all the party members into the abyss.]
Play BGM: WayEndoftheWay
[Fade to black.]
I don't know what I was seeking.
I don't know what I had hoped
to find.

Teleport: 0013:REACHES 4 (000,000)
Change Switch: [1849: Reaches Boss 2]-ON Set

REACHES 4 (001,002) EV0002:

When you waste away to a point
where there's nothing left, that's when
you find truth.
When the clouds of desire are swept
away by the cleansing wind of suffering,
that's when you see clearest.

Change BG: E6Reaches7
But can you let go of all that you
For everything will be destroyed.
Both joy and despair.
And even if you do this, will
it save you?

Change BG: E6Reaches5
No one knows.
You will never find yourself.  You can
only create that which is to be yours.
Why are you afraid?
Because my hands are unsteady, and
my mind is ill.  I can't change, I don't
know how.

Change BG: E6Field
My search for that which made me
happy was in vain.
Just as well.  A moment of
happiness isn't meaning.
It feels shallow to me.
But I don't know any other way.

[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0027:The Walk (010,014)
Note: Teleport to Landorin Massacre (6, 11)

REACHES 3 (002,006) EV0005:

Play BGM: WayEndoftheWay
RHUE: So, this is it.
[RHUE jumps into the abyss.]
[Fade to black.]
I don't know what I was seeking.
I don't know what I had hoped
to find.

Teleport: 0013:REACHES 4 (000,000)

REACHES 6 (001,002) EV0002:

But can you let go of all that you
For everything will be destroyed.
Both joy and despair.
And even if you do this, will
it save you?

Change BG: E6Reaches5
No one knows.
You will never find yourself.  You can
only create that which is to be yours.
Why are you afraid?
Because my hands are unsteady, and
my mind is ill.  I can't change, I don't
know how.

Change BG: E6Field
My search for that which made me
happy was in vain.
Just as well.  A moment of
happiness isn't meaning.
It feels shallow to me.
But I don't know any other way.

[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0027:The Walk (010,014)
Note: Teleport to Landorin Massacre (6, 11)

REACHES 5 (000,000) EV0001:

No one knows.
You will never find yourself.  You can
only create that which is to be yours.
Why are you afraid?
Because my hands are unsteady, and
my mind is ill.  I can't change, I don't
know how.

Change BG: E6Field
My search for that which made me
happy was in vain.
Just as well.  A moment of
happiness isn't meaning.
It feels shallow to me.
But I don't know any other way.

[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0027:The Walk (010,014)
Note: Teleport to Landorin Massacre (6, 11)

Field (001,001) EV0001:

My search for that which made me
happy was in vain.
Just as well.  A moment of
happiness isn't meaning.
It feels shallow to me.
But I don't know any other way.

[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0027:The Walk (010,014)
Note: Teleport to Landorin Massacre (6, 11)

After the aforementioned cutscene in the Reaches, the note “Teleport to Landorin Massacre (6, 11)” hints that originally Rhue would be teleported to the map “Landorin Massacre”. Although he now teleports to “The Walk”, “Landorin Massacre” has been left in the game. “The Walk” contains a cutscene with Rhue refusing to walk with Lexus, Cetsa, and Lyrra, and the Phantom Slasher subsequently killing each of them; “Landorin Massacre” contains a still scene of “the Girl”, Cetsa, Lyrra, and Lexus lying dead, in the same positions as the dead children in Midian’s retelling of the Landorin Massacre. (Both are obviously symbolic.)

Landorin Massacre (000,000) CONTROLLER:

[Fade in on THE GIRL, CETSA, LYRRA, and LEXUS lying dead.]
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0020:Strange, but true. (2) (001,000)

Strange, but true. (2) (000,000) CONTROLLER:

Fade-Out BGM: 9s.
Change Switch: [1684:Pit Ending]-ON Set
[The place RHUE remembers as the Landorin Stretch is empty, save for a pool of blood where RHUE was last standing.]
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0329:Credits (019,000)

There was originally going to be someone (Strata? Gaius? Dippy?) in part of the credits if Rhue chose to stay with Lexus in one of the game’s three endings; the event, called “Someone was here”, is now invisible but remains in the game.

Credits 4 / 5 (022,020) Someone was here:

Event Conditions: Switch [1675:Another End?] - ON

In a previous version of the game, at the end of the credits, a picture appeared that said “Fin” (French for “End”) instead of “The Beginning”. The original picture, called “Fin”, is still in the game.

The Arm of Estrana was originally going to have three major boss battles; now there is only one, with Arctura.

Tower (001,001) EV0001:

Note: 3 Major Boss Battles in this area.
      One at each circular platform besides the starting one.
Note: =================
Note: Update - No battles., time is short.

The Canyon” contains another unfinished scene of Rhue walking across a bridge, contemplating his journey and how things have ended up.

The Canyon (000,000) EV0002:

Play BGM: WayJLandryLaodicea
[RHUE walks left towards the bridge.]
RHUE: (...  What a long journey...)
RHUE: (It's strange how things worked out.)
RHUE: (I felt so tired and sick that all
I could think about was the end.)
RHUE: (And when it came, I was happy.)
RHUE: (But it's strange...)
RHUE: (It isn't the end.  And it's really
not even much of a beginning.)
RHUE: (But... it's something.)
RHUE: And finally, things can get really

[RHUE walks across the bridge.]
[Fade to black.]

There is another unfinished scene in the map “The Park” with “the Girl” and Castor observing Rhue and Lexus in Estrana’s park (from before the city was destroyed).

The Park (003,001) CONTROLLER:

[Pan across RHUE and LEXUS in the park to CASTOR and THE GIRL. CASTOR walks down to THE GIRL and looks at RHUE and LEXUS.]
CASTOR: Quite the happy couple,
aren't they?
THE GIRL: Yes...

[CASTOR turns to face THE GIRL.]
CASTOR: Something wrong?
Your mind looks adrift.
THE GIRL: I just...
CASTOR: You just what?
THE GIRL: It's nothing.

[THE GIRL walks up, away from the park. CASTOR watches her go.]
[Fade to black.]

A door in Dream Estrana used to lead to a room (“Treasure Trove”) with six treasure chests. The door and room now remain in the game, but they are inaccessible.

The City (077,067) EV0504:

Play SE: Latch
Teleport: 0153:Treasure Trove (009,008)

Treasure Trove (006,004) BLAN ROCK:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0508:NotchItem#8-BlanRock] +, 1
Acquired a Blan Rock!
Change Switch: [1816:Blan Rock #23]-ON Set

Treasure Trove (007,004) FOCITE:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0501:NotchItem#1-Focite] +, 3
Acquired three pieces of Focite.
Change Switch: [1818:Focite #12, #13, #14]-ON Set

Treasure Trove (009,004) Stricite #22:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0504:NotchItem#4-Stricite] +, 1
Acquired a piece of Stricite.
Change Switch: [1814:Stricite #22]-ON Set

Treasure Trove (011,004) POCITE:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0502:NotchItem#2-Pocite] +, 3
Acquired three pieces of Pocite.
Change Switch: [1820:Pocite #14, #15, #16]-ON Set

Treasure Trove (012,004) BLAN ROCK:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0508:NotchItem#8-BlanRock] +, 1
Acquired a Blan Rock!
Change Switch: [1817:Blan Rock #24]-ON Set

Treasure Trove (006,006) WICITE:

Play SE: Latch
Variable Ch:[0503:NotchItem#3-Wicite] +, 3
Acquired three pieces of Wicite.
Change Switch: [1819:Wicite #26, #27, #28]-ON Set

An unfinished and inaccessible map, “Two”, contains Gaius and Strata. There was apparently going to be a scene involving them, but it was removed.

Two (007,009) CONTROLLER:


Another unfinished and inaccessible map, “Hara1”, with a small, foggy lake and a curious background tune remains in the game.

Hara1 (006,007) EV0001:

Play BGM: magical mystical


Throughout the episodes, you can examine books and bookshelves. Sometimes Rhue merely replies along the lines of “Nothing worth reading.” or “I don’t have time to read this.” Other shelves, however, have book titles, entire stories, or other information. Individual books and scraps of paper may also have something written on them, and drawings or paintings can be important as well.

Episode 2

Bunk House (005,002) EV0025:

RHUE: I like this picture.
It was painted by

Bunk House (011,002) EV0024:

RHUE: This picture by
Canter is kind
of ugly.

Bunk House (017,002) EV0001:

Change Switch: [0270:E2m8- KloesPainting]-ON Set
RHUE: This is a picture of
a weird structure.
The artist's name
is... Kloe?
RHUE: That's the girl in the red armor
that attacked me!

Kloe’s painting may have an effect on the default ending of Episode 6 (see the Minor Easter Eggs section).

West Building (001,003) EV0008:

RHUE: Someone once told me that
having a lot of books is a
sign of wealth.

West Building (004,003) EV0010:

RHUE: There is a book called
Glomerulus in here.
I can't make sense of it.

“Glomerulus” is a term used in anatomy to describe globaular structures. It may refer to the filtering unit in the kidney, the structure in the olfactory bulb, or the contact between cells in the cerebellum.

West Building (005,003) EV0011:

RHUE: Retrogressive Anomalies of
the Way.  There's a must

This may be referring to the Phantom Slasher, a “retrogressive anomaly” (an unusual reversion to bad behavior).

West Building (013,003) EV0012:

RHUE: Music Theory?  Hmm, I've
always been interested in that,
but haven't really bothered with

West Building (014,003) EV0013:

Incognizant Wanders of the
Way, Free Lance Partiality,
and Recipes for Parsnips.

Rhue may be an “incognizant wanderer” of the Way.

West Building (016,003) EV0014:

RHUE: Stoloniferous Plants of the
Nelin Stretch.  I think
I'll pass on that one.

A stoloniferous plant produces stolons (or runners), aerial shoots that can in turn produce more roots and offshoots.

West Building (017,003) EV0015:

RHUE: Prophetic Signs of the End of
the Way. Hmm, that
might be good for a few

Here, the “end” of the Way seems to mean its temporal, not spatial, end.

Building1-ExtensionLeft (010,004) EV0015:

RHUE: There's a book in here about a
frog and a scorpion.  Hmm,
should I bother reading it?

Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
There once was a scorpion who
was travelling across the Way
all alone.
He was making good progress
until he came to a river that
blocked his way.
He was very upset, but happened
to notice a frog swimming in the
water nearby.
So he called out to the frog and
asked him, "Will you carry me
over to the other side of the
river on your back?"
"Sorry," said the frog, "but I
don't think so.  You'll sting me!"
"I would do no such thing!" said
the scorpion.
After a few more minutes of this
type of talking the frog finally
agreed to carry the scorpion
across the river.
They were halfway across
when the scorpion took his
tail and stung the frog.
"Nice going," said the frog as
they began to sink.  "Now we're
both going to die."
"Sorry," replied the scorpion sincerely,
"it's my nature."
RHUE: ...
RHUE: Lands, I'm glad I didn't pay
money for that.
[No] Case
END Case

Workshop (002,003) EV0012:

RHUE: Macaroon Made Right...
Who writes this stuff?

Workshop (003,003) EV0013:

RHUE: Mind Duplexia and Harrow's
Disease.  Doesn't sound
too pleasant.

“Duplexia” is not a real word, but may involve the splitting of the mind into two entities (as a result of too many absorbed auras?); Harrow’s disease likewise does not exist.

Workshop (004,004) EV0014:

RHUE: The Water Cure.
Sure, ok.

Water cure is another name for hydrotherapy; it is also a form of torture where the victim is forced to swallow water, but is kept from drowning.

Episode 3

Guest Room (010,006) EV0013:

RHUE: Blood Lyn Handbook,
JP Invasions, JP Invasions II,
and a poem called Leaving
the Bar.

Guest Room (011,006) EV0012:

PBW: The Rise and Fall,
Scatman's Autobiography,
Madman's Autobiography.

There is a map in Episode 6 called “PBW Boys House” (see the PBW Bishop section). Two musicians, Scatman John and Scatman Crothers, gained the name for their talent at scat singing (singing wordlessly or with nonsense syllables, as in jazz singing). Madman is a comic book hero who lost his memory (except for flashbacks of his death) and is now a wanderer.

Wikipedia has articles on Scatman and Madman.

Room Down Right (010,006) EV0009:

RHUE: Four decent books, Crestfallen: Inception,
Crestfallen: Ascension, Crestfallen: Emergence,
Crestfallen: ...  Hmmmm, the  name
of the last title has been scratched out.

The Crestfallen series was created by Lun for RPG Maker 95.

Room Down Right (005,009) EV0008:

Phlounder: The Band That
Changed The Face Of Music.

Phlounder is mentioned in the hidden text in Episode 3’s Pits (see the Hidden Messages section). It’s the name of a band that Lun was in.

Office Area (025,007) EV0038:

U.U., An Education in Rebellion,
The Summer at Schroon Lake,
The Music in Thrush Cabin.

Office Area (026,007) EV0039:

ICS Far East Schooling,
Lindquist Mathmatics,
Thurman's History.

Episode 4

Rhue's Room (013,010) EV0044:

RHUE: There's a book here written by
Kleunwrade called "Project

“Project Reality” was the code name for the Nintendo 64.

Rhue's Room (014,010) EV0043:

RHUE: There's a book here about the
Illuminati, The Swords of
RHUE: Apparently they even had specific
names.  Only a few are listed
RHUE: Revalzo, Aldebaran, Arctura,
Betelgeuse, Fomalhaut, Venturi,
and Regulus.

The names of the Illuminati are also the names of stars.

Rhue's Room (015,010) EV0045:

"Strange First Words."
"The Mountains Beautiful."
"Joke About The Seven."
"Invitation To Music."

Rhue's Room (016,010) EV0046:

"A Simple Touch."
"Righteous Removal."
"Tears Of The Betrayed."
"Regret and Remorse."

Area #8 (004,011) EV0005:

RHUE: Wierd, this is a book of poems.

Poems and stories seem to be important in The Way.

Area #9 (008,006) EV0010:

"JPG: Biography",
"Guitar by Carlson", and
"A Small Wooden Bed."

Area #9 (009,006) EV0020:

"Tortured Mind",
"Unfinished Business", and
"The Perfectionist."

Area #11 - Exper. Room (020,017) EV0053:

RHUE: (The book is titled, "Chemical
Compounds of the Pits."

Area #11 - Exper. Room (008,017) EV0060:

RHUE: (The book is titled "Janwen: A
Truthful Lie")

Area #11 - Exper. Room (010,013) EV0027:

--Experiment Schedule--
Morning: Preliminary Tests
Afternoon: Troubleshooting Session
Evening: Verificaiton Phase
Late Evening: Final Results
Expecting positive test results.
Completion of formula is imminent.

Area #11 - Exper. Room (025,013) EV0063:

Progress Update 37
Proposed formula #33 has been suspended
in favor of focusing all efforts on formula

Formula #33 would be the formula for Scatha’s face.

Episode 5

Sacrifa's Study (009,004) EV0037:

RHUE: All of these books are about
the legendary city of Janwen.

Sacrifa's Study (010,004) EV0038:

Destruction Theories of Janwen,
The Truth About Janwen,
Shadows of Janwen.

Sacrifa's Study (006,005) EV0035:

RHUE: This is a book about summoning
demons of the Pits.  That's
really freaky.

Sacrifa's Study (007,005) EV0036:

RHUE: It's a book full of healing spells.
It's open to a spell that heals
skin diseases.

Sacrifa's Study (011,006) EV0034:

RHUE: A lot of these pages are ripped
and torn.  Many of them look
ages old.

Sacrifa's Study (011,007) EV0026:

RHUE: A lot of these papers have
weird symbols and drawings
on them.

Sacrifa's Study (011,008) EV0029:

RHUE: On one of these sheets the
is scrawled in big bold red.

Sacrifa's Study (011,009) EV0030:

RHUE: These books are all about the
creatures which dwell in the

Episode 6

GR - Left (008,004) EV0017:

"Journey of Right."
"The Lost Relics."
"Justice To the Depths."

GR - Left (009,004) EV0018:

"The Problem Of Self."
"Pains of the Mind."
"Worries Contrived."
"Running Through Fields."

GR - Left (011,004) EV0020:

"Wasting Away."
"A Mind Divided."
"Failure to Commit"
"The Purpose Unfound."

GR - Left (012,004) EV0019:

"The Fame Effect."
"Connections Diminish."
"Persona Magnification."
"A Spirit In Chaos."

M 2 O (002,005) EV0014:

Three of four and four in one
Five's too many and one is none
One, then Three, Six and Eight
Ten's the end of this cascade.
RHUE: What kind of crap is that...

M 2 O (002,006) EV0007:

RHUE: Hmmm... plans, plans, and
more plans.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (016,011) EV0041:

RHUE: Musical... compositions?
They all look unfinished.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (016,010) EV0037:

RHUE: A crappy kiddy drawing.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (011,008) EV0038:

RHUE: Notes of some kind.  They all mention
"Chin Rot"?

“Chin Rot” may be an anagram; however, I haven’t found anything meaningful in it.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (008,008) EV0029:

RHUE: On one of these sheets, in large
writing, there is a message...

Phantom Lair Stairwell (007,007) EV0028:

RHUE: One of these sheets simply states...

Phantom Lair Stairwell (007,006) EV0031:

RHUE: One of the papers reads...

“IDEAL RIFF” is an anagram of “Fairfield”; “FACIAL IRON” is an anagram of “California”.

Google Maps has a map of Fairfield, CA.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (004,008) EV0030:

RHUE: There's a small key amid
the papers.  Some very
small print on the key reads...
"The child's knee"
RHUE: The child's knee?
Guess I'll take it.

The Child's Knee” is the name of a map in the Phantom’s lair.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (002,006) EV0034:

"This is a waste of time.  There
is nothing to gain from this.
I should be doing something
else.  I should be..."
RHUE: Why bother writing something
like that down?

Phantom Lair Stairwell (003,005) EV0036:

RHUE: A book of some sort.  The
writer appears to have been
trying to solve all sorts of
logic problems.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (004,004) EV0039:

RHUE: Some of these paper sheets have
been violenty torn apart.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (010,004) EV0042:

RHUE: Bits and pieces of fictional stories.
RHUE: Some of this stuff is crazy!

Phantom Lair Stairwell (011,005) EV0040:

"I have so many ideas!
I can't wait to bring them
to life!  I'm especially looking
forward to..."
RHUE: The writer rambles on from there.

Phantom Lair Stairwell (012,006) EV0049:

RHUE: It looks like something a young
child might draw.

Child's Knee (013,008) Picture #6:

RHUE: It almost looks like... nah.

What did Rhue see in the Phantom’s drawing?

Core Facility (021,012) EV0021:

RHUE: The book is simply  titled, "Auras".

Core Facility (008,08) EV0022:

RHUE: Mathematical equations galore...

Core Facility (019,008) EV0030:

RHUE: Looks like Jopaga's notes on
various aura properties.

Storage - Wall (008,005) EV0020:

"Tales of the Nameless One."
"Auras - Volume I"
"Auras - Volume II"

Storage - Wall (009,005) EV0021:

"Absorption Studies"
"Body, Soul, and Aura."
"Dimensions of the Mind."

Storage - Wall (011,005) EV0022:

"Forgery of the Purpose."
"Study #1 - Victims of Natural
Aura Deprivation."

Storage - Wall (012,005) EV0023:

"Study #2 - Aura Transplanting."
"Study #3 - Artificial Aura Crafting."

Study (007,006) EV0011:

RHUE: Sometimes I get the feeling that
some people buy certain books
just for show.

Study (008,006) EV0012:

RHUE: There's a book in here entitled,
"Kleunwrade: A Tragedy Observed".

Study (008,009) EV0013:

RHUE: A book of silly poems.

Study (011,006) EV0008:

RHUE: How strange, a book full of
definitions for words.

Second Floor (016,009) Ancient Writings:

RHUE: A little note on the stand reads,
"This restored text is about a
wanderer who was never
given a name."
Nameless, they say of he.
No word to claim as his own
No place to call his home.
Nameless, they say of he.
No memories to call his own.
No grave to rest his bones.

The Summoning (004,006) EV0034:

"Markings of the Lessers."
"Aura Flux Meanings."

The Summoning (005,006) EV0033:

"Vision of the Age."
"The Dark Language."

The Summoning (006,006) EV0032:

"Journal of the Depths."
"The Six Books of Blacura."

“Blacura” may have some meaning…. There are six epsiodes to The Way, and six books of Blacura.

The Summoning (007,006) EV0031:

"Binding of the Lessers."
"Properties of the Spawn."

The Summoning (021,006) EV0030:

"Road to the Reaches."
"The Walk of Fire."

The Summoning (022,006) EV0029:

"Maps of Janwen."
"Sacrifice and Substance."

The Summoning (023,006) EV0028:

"Sketches of the Lessers."
"Summoning Charts."

The Summoning (024,006) EV0027:

"Lessers of the Evil One."
"Aura Patterns of the Dark."

The Old Shadow Inn (002,005) EV0010:

Mysteries of Ponum Point,
The Molek Massacre,
Legends of Stomgrod.

“The Molek Massacre” may be related to the Landorin Massacre; Ponum Point and Stomgrod may be relevant as well.

The Old Shadow Inn (003,005) EV0011:

The Artistic Renderings of Kleunwrade
Volumes I, II, and III.

Kleunwrade was fairly prolific; he wrote books, poems, and songs. Also, “Kleunwrade” is an anagram of “Luke Wander” (Luke Wacholtz, Lun’s real name).

The Old Shadow Inn (012,004) EV0012:

Double Playfair
Double Transposition

A double transposition cipher was used in the PBW Bishop’s note (see the PBW Bishop section).

The Old Shadow Inn (014,004) EV0013:

Seiteki Kemono
Beautiful Girl
The Lame Dew Snell

The Old Shadow Inn (015,004) EV0014:

The Horror of Existence
The Fear of Non-existence
The Epiphany of Life

The Old Shadow Inn (014,007) EV0020:

The Curse We Wear
Power and Plague
Opaque Square

The Old Shadow Inn (015,007) EV0019:

Nothing is Never Enough
Something Means Something
No One, No Where

The Old Shadow Inn (014,010) EV0022:

A Smokey Flash
Sparky Nights
Holly in the Tree

The Old Shadow Inn (015,010) EV0021:

The Valley Flood
Haskin's Ford
Shore and Mud

Haskin is the man that cues Rhue’s music if he becomes a Rhoon and participates in matches at the Grand Palace Arena.

The Old Shadow Inn (014,013) EV0001:

The Ocean
Sea of Humanity
Erosion of the Rock

This is reminiscent of what the M 2 O man spoke of (see the M 2 O Man section).

The Old Shadow Inn (014,013) EV0002:

She Walks
I'm in the Know

Back Area (007,011) EV0042:

RHUE: There's a poem here entitled,
"The Mimic" written by
One who stole their names,
The child of Janwen's bane.
Darkness, shadow, death.
As long as it has breath.
SACRIFA: "The Mimic" is a legendary
evil that is said to have imitated its
RHUE: What do you mean?
SACRIFA: The Mimic killed people and
then would pretend to be them.
For a time the Mimic was the most
feared being across the entire Way.

Change Switch: [1843:Read about Mimic]-ON Set

Back Area (008,011) EV0043:

RHUE: There's a poem here entitled,
"Venge"  written by
Scar upon the father's brow
Left by son, the disavowed
The shadowed depths below forsaken
Enter now our world, thy haven.
SACRIFA: Venge was supposedly a
son of the Lord Below that came to
the Middle Way in order to avenge
the scarring of his father.
RHUE: The Lord Below was scarred?
SACRIFA: Yes, in a battle with
Lyn who were weilding the Illuminati.
RHUE: Hmmm... (That's strange. The
poem seems to suggest otherwise.)

Change Switch: [1844:Read about Venge]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [1844:Read about Venge] - ON
Fading into the night,
The scourge of fear, the blight.
Upon this land beneath the sky.
Echoes of the past decry.

Back Area (012,011) EV0044:

RHUE: There's a poem here entitled,
"Kura"  written by Kleunwrade.
Legend of the fallen world,
Betrayed for lust, a plan unfurled.
First to right a single wrong,
Then revenge, The Guided strong.
SACRIFA: The show we were in
didn't go into what became of Kura.
That's to be expected though.
SACRIFA: Most people focus on Kava
and Luma.  Did you know the entire
Guided camp was massacred the night
after Kava and Luma met their end?
SACRIFA: Most people believe it was
Kava come back from the dead, to
avenge himself and Luma.
SACRIFA: It's also said that a forest
grew up out of the ground where
the massacre occurred.

Change Switch: [1845:Read about Kura]-ON Set

Back Area (013,011) EV0045:

RHUE: There's an untitled poem here...
The land beneath the sky
Echoes of the past decry
A lost love carried on
Words to a lonely song
Everyone must bleed
Truth hides nothing.
RHUE: Pretty ambiguous...

Test #2 (012,006) EV0006:

One Hit, One Kill.

Test #2 (013,006) EV0007:

Threshhold must fall.
Test for all.

Celestrias - Back Area (010,005) EV0040:

"Repeating Patterns"
"Symbology in Fashion"
"Timeless Attire"

Celestrias - Back Area (011,005) EV0041:

"How to be Creative Volume 1"
"How to be Creative Volume 2"
"How to be Creative Volume 3"
RHUE: So that's how she does it...

Richer House (021,008) EV0037:

RHUE: "Three The Hard Way"
Apparently the author goes
by the nickname Iisheron.

This is a reference to Iisheron’s Three the Hard Way, a well-known RM2K RPG.

Small Flower House (011,006) EV0006:

"The Infidel."
"A Tragic Crusade."
"Missing the Message."
"A Good Name Slandered."

Sorya's House (014,004) EV0029:

"Regrets of a Life Unlived."
"Outside Pressures."
"The Strange Uncle."
"Easy Road to Oblivion."

Sorya's House (015,004) EV0030:

"Recollections Of Better Days."
"A Change In The Wind."
"Starting Over Again."
"Peace In Obscurity."

Sorya Upstairs (011,003) EV0012:

"M 2 0"
"C & H Band."

Phlounder has been mentioned previously as a band; “M 2 O” is the name of a map where a man tells a strange story (see the M 2 O Man section).

Sorya Upstairs (012,003) EV0015:

"Rushing To Failure."
"The Talent Wasted."
"The Day Of The Clock."
"Searching For Peace."

Sorya Upstairs (013,003) EV0016:

"The Third Child."
"A Beast Within."
"Father and Son Opposed."
"The Enemy."

“The Beast Within” could be a reference to the Phantom Slasher, and “Father and Son Opposed” a reference to Traziun and Kalmar.

Sorya Upstairs (014,003) EV0017:

"A New Revolution."
"Extinguish Your Candle."
"The Unlikely Trio."
"A Star Burns Out."

Qupps House (008,008) EV0025:

RHUE: Some sort of list.

Melbis Shanty (010,010) EV0014:

Got out of bed, washed face,
got dressed, looked in mirror,
grabbed a book to read.
It's the same thing everyday.
Routine is the pits.

Alan Mansion (014,005) EV0061:

RHUE: Quite a collection of fine
books. Actually any
collection seems fine to

Alan Mansion (015,005) EV0062:

RHUE: There are a lot of poetry
books on these shelves.

Alan Mansion (016,005) EV0063:

RHUE: Medical books.  One is the story
of a boy whose life was forever
changed after incurring a strange
injury to his head.

This is probably a reference to Rhue, who himself cannot remember the other auras he mimicked.


Throughout the episodes, Rhue comments on the mirrors he sees. He hates to see his reflection, and feels that mirrors “lie to him”. Most mirrors will add to your Mirror Count, although those without the code “Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1” will not. (There are also some mirrors to which Rhue merely comments “…”; these are not listed.)

Episode 2

Tavern-Upper Floor3 (010,009) EV0043:

RHUE: Stupid mirror...
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0820:Looked At it]-ON Set

In the latest version of Episode 2, this mirror is inaccessible.

SouthEast (005,003) EV0021:

RHUE: Mirrors are so dumb...
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0839:Looked At it2]-ON Set

Episode 3

Guest Room (009,006) EV0014:

RHUE: I always feel strange when
I look at my reflection.

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0274:Look at it]-ON Set

Room Down Right (009,006) EV0002:

RHUE: (Stupid thing...)
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0275:Look at it 2]-ON Set

Episode 4

Rhue's Room 2 (006,003) MIRROR:

RHUE: Oh look, a mirror.
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0681:Look at it]-ON Set

Rhue Room 1 (007,006) MIRROR:

RHUE: Fancy mirror.  I hardly
recognize myself...

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0682:Look at it 2]-ON Set

The Scene (007,006) MIRROR:

RHUE: I feel odd looking at my

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0683:Look at it 3]-ON Set

House #1 (008,013) EV0046:

RHUE: It's a mirror.

Event Conditions: Switch [0610:Found Proper Brick] - ON
RHUE: (I always feel weird looking
at myself in a mirror.  It
even scares me a little.)

Episode 5

The Stotzi Room (006,003) MIRROR:

RHUE: Every room has a mirror.
How convenient.

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0251:Look at it]-ON Set

Rhue Room 1 (007,006) EV0009:

RHUE: I hate mirrors.  They lie
to me.

Small Flower House (009,006) EV0007:

CETSA: Hey there beautiful!
CETSA: Lands, your hair is a
mess though.
RHUE: ????
CETSA: I love mirrors, don't you?
CETSA: If you had a face like
mine you would!
RHUE: ...
CETSA: Actually, you don't look too bad.
You're even a little bit handsome.
RHUE: I'm flattered... no, wait,
I'm mistaken, you're just annoying
me actually.
CETSA: A real charmer, aren't you?
RHUE: ...
CETSA: I just don't see how a person
like yourself wouldn't enjoy
looking at themselves in the
RHUE: That's weird...
CETSA: No it's not!  Come on, admit it,
you like looking at yourself.
RHUE: No, I do not.
CETSA: What's the matter?  Do you
dislike your appearance that
CETSA: Then that doesn't make any sense.
Come on, take a look at yourself.
RHUE: No thanks.
CETSA: Are you afraid?
RHUE: No way!
CETSA: Go ahead then.

[RHUE faces mirror.]
RHUE: This is so dumb.
Note: Rhue steps up to mirror
[RHUE steps up to mirror.]
RHUE: ...
Play SE: Hbeat2
Play SE: Hbeat2
RHUE: (I hate mirrors...)
Play SE: Hbeat2
Play SE: Gong
RHUE: (Why is that?)
Play SE: Hbeat2
Play SE:
RHUE: ...
CETSA: Uh Rhue?  Do you always
look at yourself so spitefully?

[RHUE turns away from mirror.]
RHUE: I told you this was a dumb
idea.  Enough of this
CETSA: No it wasn't, look what
I found on the counter.
A Heart Stone.
CETSA: I never would have seen
it if I hadn't stopped to
look at myself in the mirror.
RHUE: Lands, you make it sound
like some kind of moral lesson.
CETSA: Maybe because that's exactly
what it is.
RHUE: You're one messed up woman.
Dancing Violet talking about
morality?  Lands, let's go.

Variable Ch:[0505:NotchItem#5-HeartStn] +, 1
Change Switch: [0249:Mirror Hearstone #9]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [0249:Mirror Hearstone #9] - ON
RHUE: (Not that again...)

Room 5 (012,005) EV0008:

RHUE: ...
SCATHA: What'sss wrong?
RHUE: Nothing.

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [0257:Look at it 2]-ON Set

Episode 6

Second Floor (008,015) EV0025:

RHUE: So strange...
Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [1253:Mirror 1]-ON Set

Master Bedroom (014,003) EV0024:

RHUE: I've never been much for

Variable Ch:[0441:$@$ Look Here] +, 1
Change Switch: [1254:Mirror 2]-ON Set

Minor Easter Eggs

Lun really paid attention to detail while making The Way. There are a lot of minor aspects that some people might not even notice, but add to the game’s immersive quality.

Episode 1

Throughout the episodes (except for Episode 5, for some reason), Rhue blinks from time to time unless a cutscene, plunge, etc is going on.

Episode 2

In the bunkhouse in Lide, one of the paintings on the wall is by Kloe. Looking at it may slightly alter the default ending in Episode 6.

Bunk House (017,002) EV0001:

Change Switch: [0270:E2m8- KloesPainting]-ON Set
RHUE: This is a picture of
a weird structure.
The artist's name
is... Kloe?
RHUE: That's the girl in the red armor
that attacked me!

Strange, but true? (000,000) CONTROLLER:

FORK Optn: Varbl[0845:Kloe+]-6abov
KLOE: I'm sorry.
RHUE: About what?
KLOE: Everything. I...
RHUE: I'm just a creation of the minds
of others...
RHUE: I have nothing I can even call my own.
RHUE: Nothing...
KLOE: That's not true... you still
have your soul.
RHUE: I didn't think you believed in
stuff like that.
KLOE: ...
KLOE: I think I might have been wrong.
RHUE: ...
KLOE: What are you going to do now?
RHUE: I'm not sure. Everything seems so
pointless now...

Change Switch: [1396:fLOATER]-ON Set
[SERENA’s pendant floats down the river as RHUE and KLOE watch.]
RHUE: ...
RHUE: I hate Rhue...
KLOE: Then forget about him. Start

FORK Optn: Varbl[0850:Rhue+]-0abov
RHUE: ... I don't know how.
KLOE: (Me neither...)
KLOE: I...

[RHUE kneels on the ground.]
KLOE: ...
RHUE: ...

FORM Optn: Switch[0270:Kloe Painting] - ON
RHUE: So... you do...
RHUE: ...paintings?
KLOE: Yes...
END Case
Change Switch: [1683:Kloe End]-ON Set
RHUE: ...I can't.
END Case
END Case
[Fade to black.]
Change Switch: [0718:END EPISODE 6]-ON Set
Teleport: 0329:Credits (000,000)

Episode 5

In the cutscene with Sacrifa talking to the other Guided rebels in the forest, Alanthreonus’ legs can be seen behind the upper trees. He is obviously dead and not in one piece, as the event only includes his legs, not his entire body. How he got there is uncertain. The Phantom Slasher may have killed him; there are four slashing noises in that scene and only three Guided rebels.

Episode 6

Not only do the episode titles form a poem (for an appearance of that poem in Episode 6, see the Bookshelves section), but their letters have a pattern as well. The first two titles, “The Land Beneath the Sky” and “Echoes of the Past Decry”, have 20 letters each; “A Lost Love Carried On” and “Words to a Lonely Song” have 18 each; and “Everyone Must Bleed” and "Truth Hides Nothing” have 17 each.

The successive ranks of Lyn have a pattern to their letters as well. “Plyn”, the lowest rank, has 4 letters; “Hylyn” has 5; “Corlyn” has 6; “Deralyn” has 7; “Portalyn” has 8; “Vandralyn” has 9; “Straphalyn” has 10; and “Pharaphalyn” has 11.

Maya and Mob Pixelle made various facesets for Lun; Mob Pixelle’s facesets contain notes to that effect, like “For Lun by Mob Pixelle”. However, the faceset “WayTheGirl2” of “the Girl” contains the note: “Originally by Lun. Re-done by Mob Pixelle”. Interesting….

A man in one of the houses in Dream Estrana lets you play a freefall minigame after you become famous by acting in Alan’s show. If you complete it, he gives you a Lyn Rock.

Free Fall Baby (006,009) EV0008:

MAN: Sorry dude, my service is
only available to famous peeps.

Event Conditions: Switch [1466:Backstage 1 Done] - ON
MAN: Hello Rhue!  Would you like
to get some air time?

Show Choice: Yes/No/Explain how it works./Explain movement in the air.
[Yes] Case
Play SE: Holy2
Change Switch: [1585:Free Fall ready!]-ON Set
[No] Case
[Explain how it works.] Case
MAN: You will be "flying" through the air
attempting to manuever through five
rings that will appear.
MAN: Upon going through a ring, you
will hear a sound like this...

Play SE: Recovery4
MAN: If you don't hear that sound,
it means you didn't get through the
MAN: If you can get through all
five rings in a single outing come
talk to me and I will give you
something cool.
[Explain movement in the air.] Case
MAN: You will manuever using only
the arrow keys, up, right, left, and
MAN: You will gain momentum in
the direction of the arrow key you
MAN: So if you want to move really
fast to the left, press the left arrow
key a bunch of times.
MAN: However, to go back to the
right you would have to push the right
arrow key the same number of times plus
MAN: If you don't understand what I'm
saying just get out there and try it.
Anybody with an ounce of intelligence
can figure it out.
MAN: But that doesn't mean it will
be easy to get through all five rings.
END Case

Event Conditions: Switch [1585:Free Fall ready!] - ON
MAN: Go and ride the wind!

Event Conditions: Switch [1583:Evaluate Free Fall] - ON
MAN: You successfully navigated
through \v[888] rings.

FORK Optn: Varbl[0888:Game Score]-1less
MAN: Lands, you suck!
END Case
FORK Optn: Varbl[0888:Game Score]-2
MAN: That's not very good.
END Case
FORK Optn: Varbl[0888:Game Score]-3
MAN: Not bad.
END Case
FORK Optn: Varbl[0888:Game Score]-4
MAN: That's pretty impressive!
END Case
FORK Optn: Varbl[0888:Game Score]-5
MAN: Great work! You're the

FORK Optn: Switch [1584:Got 5] - OFF
MAN: Here's a little prize.
Recieved Lyn Rock!

Variable Ch:[0507:NotchItem#7-LynRock] +, 1
Change Switch: [1629:Lyn Rock #6 - Skydiv]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1584:Got 5]-ON Set
END Case
END Case
Change Switch: [1583:Evaluate Free Fall]-OFF Set

Free Fall Baby (009,005) SAVE POINT:

Event Conditions: Switch [1585:Free Fall ready!] - ON
Show Choice: It's go time!/No way, I'm a wussy!
[It's go time!] Case
[Fade to black.]
Play SE: Holy6
Teleport: 0047:FreeFall2 (000,014)
[No way, I'm a wussy!] Case
END Case

If Rhue chooses to stay with Lexus during one of the game’s three endings, then in the credits, Cetsa is not obviously dead; instead, there is only a trail of blood where her body would be.

Credits (014,016) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: WayA_Time_and_a_Place
Note: =
Note: ====
      Teleport hero to upper  left corner.

[Pan down to SCATHA looking at CETSA’s (in the default or Reaches ending) or at SLADE’s (in the Lexus ending) corpse; SCATHA walks up to SLADE’s corpse if she was looking at CETSA’s at first. DIRK is watching her.]

[Show some of the credits.]

[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0330:Credit 2 (000,000)

Secrets and Codes

Secrets and codes are different from Easter eggs; they can’t be accessed without opening The Way in RPG Maker and/or decoding at least one thing. (“Decoding” may involve decrypting a message, looking for an event with a certain name, or just thinking.) All the ones I know of are listed below, along with their solutions (if they’ve been solved).

A common code seen in The Way is telephone code: every letter in a message is replaced by its number on a telephone pad. Thus, 2=ABC, 7=PQRS, 9=WXYZ, and so on. (You have to guess or test which of the 3 or 4 letters each number is.)

Game Over Messages

Throughout the episodes, the Game Over screen has one obvious phrase in the center:

Game Over:

Don’t fight it... this is natural.
No... it was never meant to be like this.

There is also a line of text at the top, too small to read. However, there are hidden messages as well. They’re written in nearly the same color as the background, in three of the corners. When you open it in an image editor and color the black background differently, you see the phrases:

Game Over:

Where is your hope?
Death has lost it’s sting...
Help me. I’m afraid.

At least two of these are paraphrased quotes from the Bible:

Luke 18:13:

If you really think that God was not there,
Where is your hope?

1 Corinthians 15:55:

O Death, where is thy sting?
O grave, where is thy victory?

Hidden Messages

Throughout the episodes, messages are hidden in the tiles of a few maps.

Episode 2

These messages are in the upper-level tiles of the Barrucha cave.


Save the kid
Ill, I am.
End is this
Context is all
You lied. I forgive her
6 OR 7 choose
Read the codes
123F box help
Box 77
26 friends
Not what you think!



Decodes to “The Purpose of the Way is truth” in telephone code.


Decodes to “Truth Hides Nothing”. Episode 6’s title was here the entire time!


Decodes to “Luke Wacholtz”.

Episode 3

These messages are in the upper-level tiles of the Pits.

The Pits:

Fobo rules

Pits Sub #1:


Pits Sub #2:

Shes weird
Hi! Friend ←

Pits Sub #3:

Diana seez

Pits Sub #4:

Bagger #59
Ben ♥s Jen
She is nice

Pits Sub #5:

Phlounder rocks
Cocoa sucks
Phantom is..
Jen is a playa

Pits Sub #6:


(“<drop>” is a raindrop or teardrop.)

God why?

Pits Sub #7:

Free will
Lexus I am sorry

Pits Sub #8:

Sorry I am not a keeper
Nomi, I hope life is kind 2 U

Pits Sub #9:

Diana does crack!

Pits Sub #10:

Sad true why?

Pits Sub #14:


Episode 6

This message is hidden in the bush tiles to the edge of the map.

Altair Manor:

Luke Wacholtz

Jopaga’s Books

In Episode 4, during the Arastotzi mission to acquire Formula #43 from Jopaga, the books in his lab have messages in telephone code. Rhue’s reactions seem to indicate that he understands them…

Area #11 - Exper. Room (007,013) EV0022:

53987.  53987.  4 9474 69
847466 63 968 927 8783.
968 9373 76 232884385.

Decodes to: “Lexus. Lexus. I wish my vision of you was true. You were so beautiful.

RHUE: ...
(I don't know why I'm smiling,
I just am.  But at the same time
I feel sad.)
STOYKO: Rhue, stop staring at
those meaningless numbers.

This could be a reference to Rhue’s visions of Lexus’ ghost.

Area #11 - Exper. Room (011,013) EV0028:

5 - 3 - 8 - 2
2656. 7774647

I haven’t decoded the first two lines, although it’s theorized that they are an address.
The last line decodes to: “Colo. Springs” (Colorado Springs).

RHUE: Makes no sense to me.

Google Maps has a map of Colorado Springs, CO.

Area #11 - Exper. Room (011,012) EV0029:

5853 9220589

Decodes to: “Luke Wacholtz”.

Area #11 - Exper. Room (018,013) EV0030:

7483, 487 2336 968
255 25664. 487 968.

Decodes to: “Rhue, its been you all along. Its you.”.

RHUE: (No...)
RHUE: (What's wrong with me?)

This might be a reference to the revelation at the end of Episode 5 that Rhue is the Phantom Slasher.

Area #11 - Exper. Room (018,012) EV0031:

84373 47 66 663!
73176 743 539.

The first line decodes to: “There is no one!”.
I haven’t decoded the last line; it might be impossible, since there’s a 1 in the message.

RHUE: (There's something, missing it
feels like.)

Area #11 - Exper. Room (019,013) EV0035:

59772, 968'83 56696
437 2 5064 8463.
743 72732633.

Decodes to: “Lyrra, you’ve known her a long time. She screamed.”.

RHUE: (What?)
STOYKO: Rhue, maybe you
better stop staring at those

A reference to Lyrra surviving the Landorin Massacre?

Area #11 - Exper. Room (019,012) EV0032:

63267 86 6663.

Decodes to: “Means to none.”.

RHUE: (I wonder what that means?
It amounts to nothing in my

Area #11 - Exper. Room (021,013) EV0033:

666, 4 5683 968.
323, 4 5683 968.
4 4183 697353
4 26 9325.

Decodes to: “Mom, I love you. Dad, I love you. I hate myself I am weak.”.

RHUE: ...

This might be about Traziun, who felt remorse at killing his father (and possibly his mother) in Episode 5.

Citadel Scavenger Hunt

In Episode 6, there are notes in some of the events which are similar to a scavenger hunt; there’s a plot-related message at the end, and the event’s names spell out the word “CITADEL”.

Central Hall (013,006) L:
The Wine Cellar (013,004) L:

Note: TF MT 13 39

This means “Twisted Forest Middle Top (013,039)”.

TF - Middle Top (013,039) E:

Note: A sunset on the wall
      Is prettier by far
      Than the fireball
      In the kitchen

The sunset is a picture in Sorya’s house; there’s a fireplace there as well.

Sorya's House (007,003) D:

Note: L4  W1           L1 W3
       L5  W3           L2  W4
       L5  W5

The Ls refer to lines in the “A” event’s note; the Ws are words. It means “Ready room one the sink”.

Sorya's House (006,017) A:

Note: Flies on the wall
      Buzzing around the sink
      Perhaps they want a drink
      Ready the faucet
Note: There is room for one
      Fill it to the brink

This is a reference to the sink in Ready Room #1, as the “D” event’s note makes clear.

Ready Room #1 (009,003) T:

Note: sneipgel osrom stech

This is a scrambled version of “sleeping rooms chest”.

Sleeping Rooms (020,012) I:

Note: In the city, under a bridge, at the hundreth parallel.

This means that the next event is located in “The City”, with a Y (vertical) coordinate at around 100.

The City (027,114) C:

Note: Serena's hair was the same as her sister's.
      I guess you knew that.

Serena was Chasta’s (Scatha’s) sister; both had blonde hair.

Google Maps has a map of the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, CO.

PBW Bishop

In Episode 6, the PBW boys’ house has two men whose events are both called “BISHOP”. The left one has a code in the event.

PBW Boys House (008,007) BISHOP:

Note: The key is his name.
Note: iyhnlsytba aserteaijx dmoddoioai rswfsdnmax ltouxategx eiseamwccn

Decodes to: “I dearly miss those wonderful days. Someday I want to come back again.”.

This is encoded with a columnar transportation cipher using “BISHOP” as the key (mentioned on one of the bookshelves in the Shadow Inn; see the Bookshelves section). The original decoded message had some typos; “dats”, “cime”, and “bacj” instead of “days”, “come”, and “back”, for example.

Wikipedia has an article on columnar transportation.

PGP Start Code

In Episode 6, the starting map has an event called “CODE” with what appears to be a PGP-encoded message (there’s a long version and a short version). PGP requires two keys (a public and a private one), though…

Wikipedia has an article on PGP.

Start Map (002,000) CODE:

Note: OTi+jsb45/RQQtTzFl1QOK65Elnw70aNW33ALEQp3kLmMt9cX0hmEc6tmgQzzysq
Note: +Pwf5fq2W5lCwRW2WiuUvGBEWEk2Gk0+mKNE23EbsHBdTEfq1B8eLGJzOl8BrQrf
Note: TSu9DhXYNqp5RhG6Ywoo6YJ12pH0nyzAm0JyjKXVupYMk9/VM8SoKPgOrWX10IiN
Note: Cv/8r2clE7KoWSPteDdxGsZ6cuy2XxlJuP5yfKIN27o0PoyQnN3JLsj1acosgJ4n
Note: K9XVgbL6k0hpuMbalIOnvnvuIdA6o4e68Vp7UAFXuHGVqTSY4utbuYu3DKQQFpLM
Note: AiWi9JFEwlHkgr8r888R65NFZbNMnDb2gpzmfRndSNWG/JDhZGDpVOwN2Z7fvGL2
Note: Mr/QIKMbcry80Ew+tHse1QiBxQyUlAhyJq7bBZFwqqaZBXVN8DooTSdIQcOPshvX
Note: RYx+UG496hCBrkylFjAosCQfnP+LADlxCuLIpNU3g98VdmA+y/S9UX1BO8b+ZvJb
Note: +kAY1BAA6XZ8zXZk2uaXYpqAnivjpCqaLZ+wgdfpPr4M/dakVuLe3P2uTfrW6O4v
Note: xl7pDVTXiFRz3G0625KfqDfYs+dZ59fIg+vHjODKBEtaD8kBG5bSI9TmDjmqhmNR
Note: kljyxByxJGICBbnhZPsq0WnTSry36NvzWbsZb9hs1pdNXVk/YuZcGLH2AdXeNwme
Note: QFzQ9u0iE2Wbz8vxl2ZRGoihr6/0Z16SYgsEHR3Kd/RdnHNNEZQqX35fsF9ynegs
Note: Mc7q/ibyHkSvBzcKqfnqVMl6FqeuovHPIhYY605o07EdpLtK6nMZrGim3F5fC7cZ
Note: moCMAuOZ35R3d6H9NKr4/379092MWDCrONtsMpNtWmjrPqz6K38RuymLUB0se9tR
Note: tVvNS/gKy6BV3J5O4a1ZeTLm7WJRh/YvLYSxv6ZG+mQuvzzlhDpinSAHA0a78xEf

Note: PZLnHhAhJkjTaZMzNLOtx8YJFIwYKSS6HHb5fZfCVk1hxbz5aI7EvAxJt8TnQhQe
Note: Fw1rkMedpb63ybFLSckE6yV1sHWZtaf5cjMSBo+TvvGhGoGttBaubme3YXElrAWR
Note: vtMZO5VIWRQPMkuJ4bFffrOYSmzJ8JaraTMaT2R9j5xPGJQDMgVcDj1llVKvZjm0
Note: IPB1U7c5YK+DJzcruKlMxaUTtB5I3kUZUDJElWCY8WbA2X+8o0DJJtgEXrJf/xPW
Note: Q1TSlZSIpv2LO713yZxxZCsCTBwmSWNc4JglX+Y5=h7os
Note: ----------
Note: ----------
Note: ----------

Note: qANQR1DBwE4DtTAVq5jVdF4QA/sG04ZyMNhoVP+Ab7IfXzbFDE02tqRAPf+q1U2T
Note: SWdBQyudS24rdhiM3/OkPDuR1bDn4hu8ILUeIv4hx+Lc8Z7pfqaPsOXQmNYI7gsF
Note: stvDyiAMs5O5uauiGj0Bq8CXEdWKYCrOBoPkvGpjrMrUuuq0vOrklEs7xDCo6kbN
Note: Z19tkwQAg742aQivdDHDqut5CJCnyAzjrwFJG126crQ+nsYXBeO6dS/lpebbjUmm
Note: 33qWvimfls9KcCrzyScRtsU20hAdSgdMhNzgKMA/ofIPmlsxcp48MwQWkVXtOuim
Note: /d45iim2cyNhJz7W7ZmTgDyIehGxZppM0o6ArTxGN0kwebka30zJJhmMdYhwPojK
Note: qdk0n3JP1A7vPLyejnlhHP2IR9zuLQeDsRjINSeV=meur

M 2 O Man

In Episode 6, a sub-map of the Concert Hall called “M 2 O” contains an event called “3 6 4 _11 8 6 16 1 7” that tells a long and mysterious tale of Alan’s show, the mists, the ocean, looking out windows, and the human heart.

M 2 O (017,005) 3 6 4 _11 8 6 16 1 7:

RHUE: Hey, who are you?
MAN: I'm tired...
RHUE: ...
MAN: I saw the show.  It
could have been better.
RHUE: Heheh.  Well yes, it was kind
of just thrown together.
MAN: I guess...
MAN: People liked the show,
RHUE: I think so...
MAN: Do you think they'll
remember it?
RHUE: I don't know.  Everybody is so
busy these days.
MAN: Well, even if every
single wanderer liked it, what
would it matter?
MAN: What's the use of being
RHUE: Are you kidding?  Plenty...
Besides, it's better than being
MAN: Disliked...
MAN: I saw the mists.
RHUE: You mean...
MAN: Right before they crash
down they get real red like blood.
MAN: They reach for they sky,
but they can't escape.
MAN: Have you ever seen
the ocean?
RHUE: Yea, I think so.
MAN: Every river flows into
the ocean.  They bring sediment
from far away lands and the riptides
carry it out to sea.
MAN: Everyday the ocean's waves
beat against the shore, eroding the
land.  And everyday the rivers carry
off more sediment.
MAN: The rivers widen and
the shorelines diminish.
Maybe everything will one
day be engulfed by the waters...
MAN: Maybe that is the will
of the Purpose.
RHUE: ...
RHUE: What are these...
um... "windows"?
MAN: It's pretty, huh?
RHUE: In a way.
MAN: I don't look out any of
them anymore.
MAN: I used to look and
what I saw made me very
MAN: But the longer I looked
the more my happiness faded.
MAN: As time went on, looking
made me sadder and sadder.
MAN: I began to wish more
and more that I had never looked
at all.
MAN: So one day I turned
MAN: My stomach clenched
up and my mouth went dry.
All of the water went to my eyes.
MAN: I let the tears fall onto
the ground.   It was like one of
those rivers, slowly carrying
away bits and pieces of me.
MAN: Sometimes, when my
eyes were full, I saw visions...
MAN: I felt very sick for
a long time.
RHUE: Sounds like some sort of drug.
MAN: I wish it were that simple.
MAN: If you look out each
window long enough, you might
see what I eventually saw, but
if I were you I wouldn't do it.
MAN: It's a great burden
once you know.

Change Switch: [1498:Talked To Man]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [1498:Talked To Man] - ON
MAN: The human heart is like
a little cup with holes punched
in the bottom of it.
MAN: You have to keep filling
it up otherwise it becomes empty.

M 2 O (014,003) EV0017:

Change Switch: [2056:See Something?]-ON Set
RHUE: Wait a second... I do see
RHUE: It's...
RHUE: Just some little kid... smiling?
RHUE: What a waste of time that was.

Change Switch: [2059:Finished Seeing]-ON Set

WayVoice Files

In every episode since Episode 3, four WAV files have been included in The Way’s Sound folder: “WayVoice1”, “WayVoice2”, “WayVoice3”, and “WayVoice6”. They are used a few times in episodes 3, 4, and 6 in cutscenes related to auras. When played in reverse at double speed, the files seem to be distorted English voices.


I knew [you’d]? [you would]? finally come.


Iiii suppose so.


These are the greater [try orals]? [trails]? [trials]? [high morals]?, you [silly]? [stupid]? things.


They [say]? [said]? it was so, [forget it. Of course it was]? [forgetting the troubles they caused]?.

Episode 3

Inner Sanctum (013,002) CONTROLLER:

[Pan to KLOE standing alone in the Inner Sanctum.]
Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
KLOE: (Where are they...)
Play SE: WayVoice1
We know why you're here child.
Play SE: WayVoice2
You have failed your task.
Play SE: WayVoice3
You have done well to come
to this place.  Now child,
close your eyes.

Play SE: WayVoice6
Just relax.  We see everything.
Play SE: Wind1
[Fade to white.]
Play SE: thwoomp
Play SE: Earth2
Teleport: 0084:Lonesome Room (009,010)

[KLOE recalls her memories of FOREMAN BALLAR: him buying her in an auction, pretending to love her, but really being with other girls all the time.]

Teleport: 0082:The Grounds (020,021)

The Grounds (013,016) CONTROLLER:

Note: ---------------
      After Kloe's past is revealed, she ends up here and is read her
      final verdict

[KLOE finds herself on a crystal-like platform, emerging either from the sea or the sky. A tower or spire is faint in the background.]
KLOE: (Where am I?)
[Pan to see more of the area.]
Play SE: WayVoice2
All is seen.
Play SE: WayVoice1
Nothing more is required.
Play SE: WayVoice6
Your sentence is pronounced.
Play SE: WayVoice2   (3 times)
Death.  Death.  Death.
Play SE: Wind1
[Fade to white.]
Play SE: thwoomp
Play SE: Earth2
Teleport: 0089:Guest Room (007,009)

Episode 4

Area #15 - Core Facility (001,001) CONTROLLER:

[CADE, RHUE, RED ZERO, and SORYA are chained to the wall in JOPAGA’s experimentation room. JOPAGA injects CADE with Formula #43. JOPAGA explains that the formula will separate CADE’s natural aura from his body. As CADE’s aura separates, RHUE absorbs it instead of JOPAGA. JOPAGA is shocked and furious at this.]

JOPAGA: Oh well, it doesn't matter!
I'll just inject you with the
formula next!

Play SE: Open1
RHUE: ...
JOPAGA: But maybe since you're such
a tough guy I should give you
two doses!

Play SE: Open1
JOPAGA: Flaming fires, why not give
you three??

[SCATHA objects to JOPAGA’s giving RHUE three doses of Formula #43; they get into an argument and she demands the proposed formula for her face.]

RHUE: (My body... it's happening...)
[JOPAGA turns to face SCATHA.]
JOPAGA: After we're done with these
Arastotzi scum I'll let you
see it.

Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
SCATHA: NO!  Sssend one of your call boys
to go and get it RIGHT NOW!!!
RHUE: Uuuuuuughhhhh...

Play SE: Wind1
[Fade to white.]
Play SE: thwoomp
Play SE: Earth2
Teleport: 0109:The Vision (009,007)

The Vision (001,001) EV0001:

Play BGM: Sacrifa
[RHUE appears in front of a psychedelic background, with a rippling ball and a faint sphere in front of him — his soul and natural aura. The three begin to separate.]
Note: -------------
      Part 2

[RHUE’s body, soul, and aura reunite in the center of the screen, and the background stops moving and changing.]
Fade-Out BGM: 4s.
Play SE: WayVoice3
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0110:The Scene (005,006)

Episode 6

WayVoice1” is used in the cutscene with Rhue, Sacrifa, Midian, and the rest of the party trying and failing to enter the Arm of Estrana. For a transcript of the event (“The City (004,005) MAIN CONTROLLER”), see the Notes section.

MapZ4 (012,010) CONTROLLER:


[Pan as RHUE walks up to JERUH and draws his sword.]
RHUE: Gotcha.
JERUH: ...
RHUE: The jackrat has been contained.
Ready to die, kid?
JERUH: Lands, don't you have
anything better to do
besides bothering me?
RHUE: Are you kidding?  I've been waiting
for this moment a lifetime.  This is
the best day of my life.
JERUH: Burn you...
RHUE: This is the end.

[RHUE and JERUH charge at each other; RHUE slashes JERUH with his sword.]
JERUH: Wonderful...
Play SE: Thunder6
[JERUH dies. GAIUS enters from behind RHUE.]
GAIUS: ...
GAIUS: Are you all right?
RHUE: Just dandy.  (What's wrong with me...)
GAIUS: I'll bury the body.

[Fade to black. Fade in. GAIUS has gone.]
RHUE: This feeling... it's strange...
Play SE: WayVoice1
RHUE: (What...)
Play SE: WayVoice3
RHUE: (My head...)
Play SE: WayVoice6
Play SE: Darkness
[A psychedelic vortex forms around RHUE.]
Play SE: WayVoice1
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice2
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice3
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice6
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice2
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice2
[The vortex fades.]
RHUE: ...
Play SE: A_brd1
Play SE: A_brd3
[Two birds fly across the screen. RHUE walks up towards a rock.]
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0327:Come a long way (000,000)

Come a long way (009,000) EV0002:

[Pan to RHUE standing on the rock, overlooking a vast stretch of land.]
Fade-Out BGM: 5s.
RHUE: Where are you?
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0326:Strange, but true? (006,004)


Throughout the episodes, event names and notes have messages in them. Some are codes, some are oblique plot references or hints, and others are about Lun’s life and creating The Way. The coded ones, like the PGP note (see the PGP Code section), have their own sections and are not listed here.

Episode 5

Prison Cell (001,001) CONTROLLER:

Event Conditions: Switch [0156:Rhue and the Free] - ON
Note: Rhue may question later why Phantom Slasher
      busted down his door.  Was it to save him?
      Was it looking for someone?

One hour later...
[RHUE is sleeping by the cell's bed.]
Note: Music still needed...
Play SE: Earth5
[The PHANTOM SLASHER busts down RHUE’s door (waking him up), takes a short look, and runs out.]
RHUE: The Phantom Slasher?
RHUE: Was it looking for someone?
Was it helping me?
RHUE: The door is open...
I think I'll be leaving now.

[RHUE walks out the door into the hall.]
Teleport: 0156:Hallway (012,005)

It’s a good question: why doesn’t Rhue question the strange things that have happened to him?

In the first beta version of the game, there were a couple notes left in the “CONTROLLER” event. Lun was considering showing the Phantom Slasher in one scene, and even having Rhue die in another.

Blana Sera Temple (004,036) CONTROLLER:

Event Conditions: Switch [1005:Found Jed] - ON
Note: Scatha - Pacing.
Note: Dirk - Asleep
      Rhue - Asleep
      Cetsa -Lying down, but awake.

[Fade in on RHUE, SCATHA, DIRK, and CETSA lined up in the Blana Sera temple’s courtyard, numerous Blood Lyn looking down at them.]
CETSA: Rhue, get up!!
[RHUE awakens from his dream and stands in line with the rest.]
Play BGM: B+BuildUp
RHUE: (I've got to stop doing that...)
[Pan to see KALMAR looking at them.]
KALMAR: No one's dead?  How can
this be?  What a sad state
of affairs this is.
KALMAR: Don't any of you value your
life enough to fight for it?
CETSA: Go screw yourself jackrat!
CETSA: We're not as dumb as you
might think.
KALMAR: Thank you, you've just
volunteered to be the first
vicitm of my blade!

[KALMAR jumps down to kill CETSA, but RHUE blocks his sword.]
KALMAR: Impossible!!
RHUE: (Kill him... Kill HIM!)

Play SE: Barrier
Play SE: Flame5
Play SE: Dark4
[RHUE begins to pulse with purple energy, and his sword releases an electric blast that propels KALMAR into the wall.]
KALMAR: Aubuta...
[KALMAR jumps back up to the level above the courtyard.]
RHUE: Coward!
KALMAR: Kill them!  The Blana
Sera are watching!

[KALMAR takes a few steps away from the courtyard; two Elite Lyn and a Dark Lyn step closer.]
KALMAR: Give up now and I'll
spare you!
RHUE: No.  I'm going to kill every
last one of you!
KALMAR: Then your end has come.
Take care of him Dark!

Change Switch: [0165:Sounds of Death]-ON Set
[Pan up as RHUE slaughters the Blood Lyn to KALMAR entering the Blana Sera temple.]
Change Switch: [0164:Door open]-ON Set
Play SE: Latch
[Pan up to TRAZIUN standing on the roof.]
TRAZIUN: So, there you are father.
Change Switch: [0165:Sounds of Death]-OFF Set
[Fade to black.]
Note: -
Note: I thought about killing Rhue here and ending the game.  Just because
      I'm feeling so sick and I don't think I'll be able to finish with the real ending...
Note: -

Teleport: 0154:Bathing Pool (009,007)

Event Conditions: Switch [0166:Stench of death] - ON
Play BGM: AHorrorAwaits
[Fade in. RHUE walks away from the courtyard where the Blood Lyn lie dead, and stands with SCATHA, DIRK, and CETSA.]
Note: -
      I had the Phantom Slasher showing, but I erased that.  Realized it serves better without the Slasher shown here. Later campsite.

SCATHA: Cetsa has something she
wants to tell you...

[CETSA turns to look at SCATHA.]
CETSA: What? No I don't!
SCATHA: If you don't want to tell
him, then I will.

[RHUE faces CETSA, who turns away from him.]
CETSA: Fine...
[CETSA turns to look at RHUE.]
CETSA: Rhue... please don't be
angry about this.
RHUE: What's going on?
CETSA: Rhue, I'm not Serena...
CETSA: I found the pendant when I
was a child many years ago.
CETSA: It was washed up on the
river bank.  I saw it
glimmer in the sunlight
while out playing one day.
CETSA: It was the most beautiful
thing I had ever seen, yet
there was something wrong...
RHUE: (No, this can't be happening...)
CETSA: Rhue, when I found the pendant...
it was...
RHUE: (No...)
CETSA: There was...
CETSA: It was stained with blood!!
RHUE: NO!!!!

[RHUE attacks CETSA with his sword, but STRATA runs down and knocks him aside.]
Play SE: Blow2
STRATA: Run!!!
[CETSA and STRATA run to the left; RHUE chases after them.]
Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
[DIRK turns to face SCATHA.]
Play BGM: Dirk

[DIRK and SCATHA discuss how TETZEL killed EYASHU for discovering the truth about the End of the Way, and where TETZEL is now. SCATHA suggests that they bring RHUE to help them find TETZEL.]

Fade-Out BGM: 2s.
[Fade to black.]
Change Switch: [0168:Kalmar Dead]-ON Set
Teleport: 0216:Inner Sanctum (010,011)

Imagine how different The Way would be if Rhue died then….

Episode 6

The City (001,000) SACRIFA++++++++++++:

Note: Sacrifa, his story goes deeper.  I may have failed him in his portrayal.

Sacrifa’s “deeper” story may explain why he is dressed differently than in the previous episodes.

The City (002,000) SLADE++++++++++++:

Note: He is silent, but insistent.    He is not the same.

This may be because Rhue only stabbed Slade; he did not kill him.

The City (004,005) MAIN CONTROLLER:

Event Conditions: Switch [1372:At the Tower First T] - ON
Change Switch: [1372:At the Tower First T]-ON Set
[The party is waiting outside the Arm of Estrana, trying to get in.]
RHUE: Why haven't you opened the
door yet?
SACRIFA: The tower has a second
shielding aura apparently.
It's simpler than the first
RHUE: What do you mean?
SACRIFA: It's a simple Aura lock that
allows people with certain
elements in their natural
auras to neutralize the shield.

Note: Neutralization.  A key to a heart and mind.
      Sometimes elements blend together, other times
      the clash darkly.  Dark like rain, pooling in gutters.

MIDIAN: I think cape boy is saying that
only certain people can pass

Note: A wall is a wall.  It's put up to keep people out.
      A door is a door.  It is there to let certain people in.

SACRIFA: Not quite.  Anyone can pass through
so long as they are with a person
who can negate the effects of
the shielding aura.

Note: The wrong people and the right.  Together.

RHUE: Step aside, I'd like to have a

[SACRIFA and MIDIAN step aside and let RHUE walk up to the door.]
RHUE: ...
Play SE: Fog1
SACRIFA: Rhue, channeling your aura
into this "lock" presents huge
risks.  We need to be sure about
what will work, and what won't.

Note: Emotion and energy.  Constrained to the bulwarks of
      human experience.

RHUE: Shhh... everything will be fine.
I hear something...

Play SE: Fog1
Play SE: Fog1
RHUE: I can unlock it, I just... "know".
Note: The things we know.  The things we don't know.
Play SE: Fog1
SACRIFA: Lunacy.  That's what I
KNOW this is.

Note: Skepticism or realism?  Sometimes both.
Play SE: Fog1
RHUE: We'll see.
Play SE: Fog1   (5 times)
Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Play SE: WayVoice1
RHUE: (Huh?)
[RHUE is forcibly thrown away from the door, landing at the bottom of the stairs.]
Play SE: Thunder5
Play SE: Thunder8
FORK Optn: Switch [0885:Lexus in Party] - ON
[LEXUS runs to check on RHUE.]
LEXUS: Rhue!  Are you okay?!
RHUE: I'm wonderful, thanks.

Note: Everything is ok.  Someone cares.
SACRIFA: Rhue!  Are you all
RHUE: I don't think so.

Note: Someone cares, but you don't care.
END Case
RHUE: (I couldn't do it...)
MIDIAN: Flaming fires, why does
there always have to be a

Note: Challenges bring despair or innovation.
RHUE: (Something is missing...)
SACRIFA: Don't worry, I should be able
to set up a teleporter back to
Jopaga's.  Perhaps he can help.
MIDIAN: I hope so.

Fade-Out BGM: 2s.
[Fade to black.]
Play BGM: Cawry
Teleport: 0071:Core Facility (017,020)

Event Conditions: Switch [1386:Final City Sequence] - ON
Change Switch: [1386:Final City Sequence]-ON Set
Play BGM: TheWayTruthHidesNothing
[A crowd has gathered, watching the party try to ascend the Arm of Estrana.]
THE GIRL: What's going on?
CASTOR: There are people up
on the tower!
THE GIRL: You're kidding... Goodness...
you're right...
CASTOR: This bodes badly.

Note: --
Note: Unhappy thoughts of stagnation wrenched from my hands by a soft girl with long curls.

[Pan to the party, sans RHUE, at the top of the tower.]
SACRIFA: Are you ready, Lyrra?
LYRRA: ... Yes.
MIDIAN: Don't poop your panties.
You can do this.
LYRRA: Right...

Note: The frame is a still shot.  Paused till I play it out.  The script may be boring though.
      Having a co-writer with completely different ideas is difficult.
Note: I've looked at a few scripts.  They didn't make me happy at all.
      That's precisely why I always write my own with an editor in tow.

[Pan to a door near the middle of the tower.]
Play SE: Open1
Change Switch: [1387:The Door Opens]-ON Set
[The door opens and RHUE exits.]
RHUE: ...
[RHUE runs up the stairs and jumps to the next level of the tower, one flight of stairs below the rest of the party. He draws his sword.]
RHUE: Stop!!!
[The party looks down at RHUE.]
Note: It turns out the way I want it that way.  And even if I don't like it, it seems right.  Right as
      rain, ripped from the clouds by the earth's dense core.

SACRIFA: Rhue?  I thought we had
lost you.
RHUE: Lyrra, get away from that door!
MIDIAN: What's wrong, man?
RHUE: No one is going in there!
SACRIFA: Rhue, calm yourself.

[SACRIFA takes a step towards RHUE. RHUE takes a step back.]
RHUE: Don't come any closer!!
Note: It isn't madness to try to protect yourself from the whims of others.
RHUE: No one is going into that cell!!
I want everyone out of here!!
I mean it!!
MIDIAN: Rhue, we just...

Note: Paranoia is natural.  The virtuous want their due and the unvirtuous want the due of the
      virtuous as well.

RHUE: Shut up!  Get away from that
RHUE: Do what I say!!
RHUE: ...
        Help... me...

Note: Someone cried "Help me" in the dark.
      Though I did not know their voice I
      answered them.

[LYRRA turns to face the door.]
LYRRA: That voice...
Play SE: Darkness
Note: Darkness.
[LYRRA’s aura unlocks the door. It opens.]
Play SE: Earth2
Change Switch: [1388:The Last Door]-ON Set
Play SE: Wind1
[LYRRA and MIDIAN enter through the door. SACRIFA starts to follow them.]
Note: A will subjected to the will of others is not always bent, though its metal is tested.  A
      broken will is not the danger to those around it, unless they are beneath it or they depend
      on it for support.  The true danger lies in an unforeseeable recoil.
Note: A miracle of universal law.

[RHUE runs up the stairs and attacks SACRIFA, knocking him off the tower. He enters through the door.]
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0316:InsideTower (009,008)
Note: ===================================

Lun hides a number of philosophical thoughts in the notes. Also, he originally planned to end Episode 6 as Rhue entered the Arm of Estrana, the Phantom’s Blade. The subsequent Episode 7 would surely have been interesting….

The House of Pnoe (011,011) BAR PLACE 2:

Event Conditions: Switch [1038:Mansion Boss Defeat] - ON
THE GIRL: Need anything?
Note: Yes... maybe we could go out somewhere together.
RHUE: A way to get into "the Scene".
THE GIRL: Sorry, can't help you. But I'll
keep my eyes open for someone
who can.

Note: Oh... all right... I understand.
RHUE: Thanks.

Event Conditions: Switch [1209:HAVE STONE] - ON
THE GIRL: Have you found that person you
were looking for yet?

Note: No, I don't think I have.  Maybe she
      doesn't exist...

RHUE: Not yet, but I'm sure the portal
stone will help us locate her soon.

Event Conditions: Switch [1337:Red Woman Over] - ON
THE GIRL: What's new?
Note: I'm dating a girl
RHUE: Nothing much, looks like we're
going to be heading into the Lost
City soon.
THE GIRL: You are?!  Be careful!

Note: I will be.
Change Switch: [1443:Talked TO girl]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [1443:Talked TO girl] - ON
THE GIRL: The Lost City is a dangerous place.
Tread lightly, okay?

Note: I know that!

Event Conditions: Switch [1372:At the Tower First T] - ON
THE GIRL: It's been awhile!  How are you

Note: Things are still going pretty well.
      We're in love.

RHUE: Pretty good, we're on our way
to visit someone..
THE GIRL: Who is it?
RHUE: His name is Jopaga.

Note: Someone I met at the sand wall melee.
Change Switch: [1442:Talked TO girl 2]-ON Set

Event Conditions: Switch [0887:Lyrra in Party] - ON
THE GIRL: Hey, is there anything I
can do for you?

Note: No.  There's nothing to be done anymore.
RHUE: Not really.  Just thought I'd
say goodbye.  I don't think
I'll be coming back for a long
THE GIRL: Really?  Where are you going?

Note: Somewhere I never wanted to go.
RHUE: I can't really say, cause I don't
really know.
THE GIRL: That sounds really strange.

Note: Yes, it is strange. I feel that way almost all the time.
RHUE: Yea, I guess it does.
Anyway, bye.
THE GIRL: Take care.

Note: You too.
Change Switch: [1443:Talked TO girl 3]-ON Set

Interestingly, the notes are replies to “the Girl”’s questions as much as Rhue’s actual responses are. Lun seems to have known “the Girl” in real life, since these are not the only notes about her. But, what is the “sand wall melee”?

The House of Pnoe (012,016) EYE PATCH BOY:

Event Conditions: Switch [1024:SCN - Pnoe #1] - ON

[A MAN with an eye patch tells RHUE about the Lost City below the main city, which thieves and treasure hunters explore; he says that strange things have been happening there.]

MAN: A strange man passed through
here about a year ago.  There was something
odd about him, but I couldn't figure
it out.
MAN: A friend and I followed him
down into the Lost City.
MAN: He seemed to know exactly
where he was going, as if he had
been down in the Lost City many
times before.
MAN: I thought that to be very
strange considering that I'd never
heard or seen this man before.
MAN: And I don't think anyone
would forget a man like him.
MAN: Strangest of all was the
place where we followed him
to.  Altair Manor.
RHUE: Altair Manor?  What's that?
MAN: It's the home of a murdering
ghost.  That's all I can tell you.
RHUE: (The Phantom Slasher maybe?
And that man... could he
be... Gaius?)
RHUE: How can I get down to
the Lost City?
MAN: The most obvious route
is by going down through what
used to be the Central Hall.
MAN: Here, I'll circle it on
your map.
MAN: But be wary young man.
I wouldn't go down there even if
someone paid me to nowadays.
RHUE: Thanks for the information.
(And I will be wary.  I always

Change Switch: [1025:Learned of Cnt Hall]-ON Set
      mention stranger going down there

The bottom note may be confirming Rhue’s guess that Gaius was in the Lost City, although how he got there is a mystery.

The House of Pnoe (012,011) THE GIRL:

Note: 1884

The switch “1884:Shadow 1 Map Mark” is used in an event nearby; Lun may have been reminding himself of this.

The House of Pnoe (026,006) EV0083:

Note: I've been wanting to add this tutorial for ages.  Finally I did it!

OLD MAN: I know lots.  The question
is, what do you want to know?

Show Choice: Trascendent Sword Auras/XL Retainer/Nevermind

[The OLD MAN explains how Transcendent sword Auras or XL retention work.]

Central Hall (001,011) EV0016:

Play SE: Creak2
Note: Breaking noise, then hero falls.
RHUE: Woa... This floor seems a little

Play SE: Breaksto
[Fade to black.]
Teleport: 0223:The Sewers (010,000)

Room 1 (033,007) 54 - Controller:

MIDIAN: How unexpected.
Are you here for the
party too?

Note: It's in one of the waterfalls.
RHUE: Midian...
Is this the Lost City?

[MIDIAN takes a few steps and looks ahead at the sewers.]
MIDIAN: Part of it.
MIDIAN: This is just one section.
There's others too.
RHUE: Well, do you know if Altair
Manor is anywhere nearby?
MIDIAN: You're trying to get to
Altair Manor?
RHUE: Yea.
MIDIAN: Strange...
RHUE: What?
MIDIAN: Nothing.
MIDIAN: I was thinking...
Altair Manor... it's not
too far.
MIDIAN: Can you swim well?
RHUE: Yea.
MIDIAN: Well then, let's
get going.
RHUE: Alright.

[MIDIAN joins the party.]
Change Switch: [0882:Midian in Party]-ON Set
Change Switch: [0889:Midian Active]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1040:Met Midian]-ON Set

“It’s in one of the waterfalls.” refers to the following rather poetic note.

Room 1 (013,006) EV0048:

Note: They were sick of the splashing.  No one wanted to get wet any more.
      They felt relieved as the water drained into the ground, gathering on the bedrock.
      I cranked the motor of the saw and split the ground in two.
Note: Carving rock and dirt until I was swallowed by my own displaced canyon.
      My feet got wet, but I cut through the bedrock, right down to the core of the world which
      was too dense and splintered my saw.
Note: I was cut.
Note: The water trickled down and boiled into a fierce steam which burned me as it billowed up
      from the wound. My blood mixed with it and part of me was lost to the sky.
Note: They still don't want to get wet, but I go outside when it rains to drink from the sky.

The Guest Suite (002,001) CONTROLLER:

Note: -
Note: -

[RHUE and MIDIAN meet SACRIFA and help him fight a fiend. SACRIFA explains why he rebelled against the Guided, and that he thinks TETZEL invented the End of the Way and the Purpose. He informs them that JOPAGA knows about auras and may know how to enter the Arm of Estrana, which all three want to do.]

[SACRIFA joins the party.]
Change Switch: [0890:Sacrifa Active]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1039:Sacrifa in Mansion]-ON Set
Change Switch: [0883:Sacrifa in Party]-ON Set

Either this is a rewritten scene, or Lun intended to rewrite it but never got around to doing so (as he did with a few other parts of the game (see the Deleted and Altered Scenes section)).

Auditorium (018,011) CONTROLLER:

Event Conditions: Switch [1099:Play Song #2] - ON
Change Switch: [1494:Full of People!!!!!!]-ON Set
Play BGM: B+PlayOpeningTheme
Change Switch: [1471:Scene #1]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1468:Show Narrator Stage]-ON Set
[Fade in on the back on the auditorium.]
Note: ---
Note: I've been thinking back to the beginning of the show lately.
      The year 2000.

MAN: Do you think the killer
will strike early in the show?

Note: I suppose it began earlier than that, but nothing solid was laid before then.
WOMAN: I don't know.
Why do you ask?

Note: My brother and I, driving on the open road, discussing the story.
MAN:  I've got somewhere I need
to be in an hour.
WOMAN: Where's that?

Note: Driving through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.
MAN: Home watching the Arena
plunges on my new fifteen inch
moxi box.

Note: I remember saying to him many time, "No, that's not what happens, they'll be expecting

WOMAN: I can't believe they call
it a "box".  It's obviously a sphere.
It makes no sense.

Note: "Let's twist it more."
WOMAN: Oh by the way, the fights
were cancelled because of the show
MAN: Flaming fires!  I'll kill
Alanthreonus myself for this!

[The MAN walks out of the auditorium. Pan to the center of the auditorium and the orchestra pit.]
Note: I remember imagining how Lide would look and how it turned out totally different.
GIRL: Are you looking at the girl
playing the violin?
GUY: Huh?

Note: At first, Kloe wasn't going to be a major character, but I fell in love with her as I wrote
      scenes for her and Rhue.   Everything about her just flowed so easily.

GIRL: I saw you looking at her.
MAN: No I wasn't.  I was looking
at the stage.
GIRL: There's nothing on the stage,
why would you look there?
MAN: I...

Note: In 2003, I began work on another story set in The Way universe.
GIRL: Do you think she's pretty?
MAN: Uh... she's okay.

Note: In 2004 I finished the outline and had the majority of the scenes written out in their
      entirety.  Some of the last parts still lay in outline form though.  So it's not necessarily a
      "complete" job.

GIRL: What does that mean?
MAN: You're prettier than her.
GIRL: Are you saying I'm just
barely above "okay"?

Note: I finished my first feature length screenplay in 2005.  It took roughy 4 months to write.
MAN: Great lands...
Note: The beginning of my first major show(I don't consider the Crestfallen games to be more
      than short stories) has led to many new beginnings.

[Pan to the stage, with the curtain closed.]
Change Switch: [1096:Open Curtain]-ON Set
Note: =============

[The curtain opens and a spotlight shines on WELLBORN, the narrator.]
Play SE: Doorshut
Note: =================
Note: Now I am writing again.  A new beginning.   I love the possibilities that exist in the

Seven generations ago there
lived two men.  Strangely
similiar and yet disimiliar at
the same time.
Both were valiant warriors and
fought with the strength of ten
men.  And both were as swift
as the rushing winds of Alendor.

Note: Just writing is much easier than making a game.
Together they were nearly unstoppable.
And thus it was that these two men joined
one another as blood brothers, and
became sell-swords for hire.
They quickly made a name for themselves
as the very best, going on brilliant
adventures and conquering a myriad
of foes.

Note: No graphics, no sound effects, no music, no programming, battle balancing.
Legendhood floated at their fingertips.
Not once had they ever failed any
task they took up.

Note: Though I miss the music.  It can make a scene so much more powerful.  It can trigger
      feelings that words in themselves often cannot.

And then one summer they were hired
by The Guided to go out and capture a
heretic, a priestess of the Solemn Woods.

Note: If a person doesn't feel anything listening to A Time and a Place at the end of Episode 6
      as the credits roll, then maybe I have failed them.

Such a small task it seemed, but larger
things loomed on the horizon.  A small
shadow was slowly taking shape.
This is the story of Kava and Kura.

[RHUE, ALAN, VASHTI, MIDIAN, and SACRIFA act out the first scene.]

Change Switch: [1079:Close Curtain]-ON Set
[The curtain closes.]
Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
[Fade to black.]
Note: =================
      END OF SCENE #1

Change Switch: [1474:Time is going!]-ON Set
Teleport: 0258:Back Stage Hall (025,010)

Event Conditions: Switch [1481:AfterScene #3] - ON
Change Switch: [1481:AfterScene #3]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1468:Show Narrator Stage]-OFF Set
Change Switch: [1096:Open Curtain]-ON Set
Note: =============

[Fade in on the back of the auditorium.]
Note: ---

MAN: Did that just happen?
WOMAN: Uh huh....

[Pan to the stage, with the actors standing still. Some actors playing as Guided are knocked out.]
ALAN: <Rhue, you weren't supposed
to take out the Guided...>
RHUE: <Sorry, I was improvising.>

Play SE: Doorshut
Change Switch: [1097:Close ]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1098:Play Song #1]-ON Set
[The curtain closes, and the orchestra plays the final music. The lights get brighter. Pan to some people at the front of the auditorium.]
WOMAN: Wow, that's it?  That's
the end?  I don't get it.  Wasn't
Alan supposed to be attacked
by someone tonight?

Note: How many e-mails like this do you think I will get?
GIRL: I thought it was brilliant!
That guy playing Kura, Rhue,
is so talented!

Note: A few like this maybe?
WOMAN: I'm still a little disappointed.
Hey, are you coming to the Scene
for the after party?

Note: A few like this maybe?
GIRL: Maya, you know I've been
banned from that place!  Don't
talk about that!
WOMAN: Sorry.

[Fade to black.]
Change Switch: [1492:Production Over]-ON Set
Note: Tally Show Results.
      Dance/2 + Show Rating = Final Rating.
      Decide failure or success.
Note: 15 points possible if you do everything right.
      17 points posible if you piss off Vashti though.
      20 points if dance and everything else perfect.
Note: Show is a success on 15.
Note: Success handled when talking to Alan at Scene.

Change Switch: [1201:After The Show]-ON Set
Variable Ch: [0865:Miss Streak] Set, Var.[0866:Dance Points]val.
Variable Ch: [0865:Miss Streak] /, 2
Variable Ch: [0688:Show Ratings] +, Var.[0865:Miss Streak]val.
Teleport: 0260:Star Room #2 (009,007)
Note: =======
      The creation of this part in the game occurred after I had completed the end, the forest,
      and the barrucha bridge maze.  This whole experience was a blur.
Note: Halfway through I realized that this part was grand, but really wasn't
      that much fun.  Though I had planned to do a lot of fun things with the Concert hall
      I'm not so sure I will be able to accomplish them.
Note: I plan to complete the Lexus sidequest and have it reach it's climax here.  This was a
      miserable experience to make, and now I'm moving on to the arena. after I fill in the
      crowd which will be mostly lifeless due to my burned out mind.
Note: I've been telling people I will take a break after Episode 3, but I don't know if I will or not.
Note: I've decided to change my plans for the
      Lexus part.  It will not take place here as
      I originally planned.

Making The Way was apparently not always fun for Lun….

Electric Mind (001,002) CONTROLLER:

[RHUE enters a room in the PHANTOM’s lair with some of his paintings. The PHANTOM has survived the battle with RHUE; he says some cryptic things and shows RHUE his paintings. RHUE thinks they look awful.]

PHANTOM: Look at this painting.
[RHUE looks at the center painting, which has been torn.]
RHUE: You really know how to pick
PHANTOM: You don't like it?
RHUE: It's got a big chunk torn out
of the middle!
PHANTOM: You think that's a bad thing?
RHUE: Of course!  It's ruined!
What happened to the middle?
PHANTOM: After I finished the painting,
I ripped the middle out.
RHUE: Lands, you really are stupid...
PHANTOM: I just liked it better this way.
RHUE: What did you do with the part
you ripped out?

Fade-Out BGM: 5s.
PHANTOM: I put it inside a person's heart.
Note: His own heart, but also another's.
RHUE: Wonderful...
Change Switch: [1960:Open The Heart]-ON Set

The Phantom may be a symbol of Lun himself — The Way is by no means complete (as Lun even stated in a note above), but he may prefer it that way.

The Dinner Party (000,000) EV0001:

Note: Scenario completed December 5, 2002.
      Basic testing complete.
Note: And man does my freaking
      wrist hurt.

Courtroom (002,001) CONTROLLER:

Note: This event was completed on
      December 6, 2002.  Lun.

Pits Sub #8 (011,072) EV0016:

Note: It's a late night, but I'm almost finished.  Watched some movies tonight with the neighbor
      girls.  Man, I've got to add enemies to the Forest area after this.  I think I'll easily finish
      before the end of February.  Might do some special stuff for Lexus quest.
Note: Episode 3 got released just a little while back, been getting about 2 or 3 letters a day.
      Trying to help everyone who is asking me questions as best I can.
Note: I'm still feeling lots of pressure to do something that "matters". Games are considered to
      be silly and childish by a lot of people around me. Or maybe it's just me.
Note: They don't see it the way I do.  That's all right.
Note: Lun

      February 9, 2003

Play SE: SEarthquake
[Battle with Core.]
Variable Ch: [0561:New CTP (main)] Set, 12
Variable Ch: [0323:(BAT)NEW AR!] Set, 800
Recieved 12 CTP
and 800 AR.

Change Switch: [1671:Beat Core]-ON Set

The timeline of when various events were completed is interesting; they weren’t done in order of when they happen.

Words to a Lonely Song (003,006) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: Tower
[Pan across the Black Shoals, with black rocks and an orange sky, to RHUE and SLADE looking out on the water.]
Note: The Black Shoals...
Note: I always liked Slade.

SLADE: I didn't hate her.
RHUE: ...
SLADE: But I had to destroy her.
RHUE: Why?
SLADE: Guilt.
RHUE: You killed her because you felt
SLADE: Yes.  She was vile, but...
I felt for her.
RHUE: You never showed it.
SLADE: I... I never saved a
single one...

Note: That sucks.
RHUE: ...
[Pan as RHUE walks next to GAIUS, who is looking down into an inlet with something glittering in the water.]
GAIUS: I pushed her away because
I love her.
RHUE: That doesn't make any sense...

Note: You don't?  It's so obvious.
GAIUS: My life is just too painful to be
shared with another.
RHUE: Maybe she could help you.
GAIUS: No, I'm headed for destruction.
RHUE: Why not choose a different path?
GAIUS: There are some things in life that
we don't have any control over.
RHUE: So you'll just walk away?

[GAIUS and RHUE turn to face each other.]
GAIUS: Should I leave behind a fatherless
child and a grieving widow as
my legacy?
GAIUS: I can't justify that, no matter how
many times I try.

[Pan as RHUE jumps across the inlet and stands next to TRAZIUN, who is also looking into the water.]
TRAZIUN: I didn't need her.
RHUE: You wanted to be alone?
TRAZIUN: I had more important things to do.
TRAZIUN: She was just holding me back.
RHUE: She had noting to offer?
TRAZIUN: Nothing that I valued.
RHUE: So why did you get so close?
TRAZIUN: I don't know... I missed my mother.
RHUE: ...

[Pan as RHUE walks left and faces the PHANTOM SLASHER.]
RHUE: People aren't perfect!
PHANTOM: People are selfish.
RHUE: They can change...
PHANTOM: You know they can't.
RHUE: Some try!
PHANTOM: All fail.

[RHUE closes his eyes.]
RHUE: ...
RHUE: ...
RHUE: I don't care.  I just want someone
who won't stop trying.
RHUE: And I won't stop either...

Play SE: WaySonicBuild
Fade-Out BGM: 4s.
Teleport: 0020:Strange, but true. (2) (000,000)

Small Choice (002,009) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: Tower
[RHUE walks near LEXUS; she turn to face him.]
LEXUS: Rhue...
RHUE: (Lands...  What is this?
Another deception?)
LEXUS: Why do you look so angry?
RHUE: Because I'm tired.
Tired of this world and
all of its fake little people.
LEXUS: You know that's not true!
RHUE: It's all lies.

[LEXUS steps closer to RHUE.]
LEXUS: No Rhue, it isn't.
The truth is just harder to accept.
RHUE: Stop talking to me!  Just go away!
LEXUS: If you step through this doorway,
I will be gone.  Forever...
RHUE: Good.
LEXUS: Am I so worthless to you?
RHUE: ...

[RHUE steps to the edge of the door and looks through it.]
LEXUS: She isn't out there.
RHUE: ...
LEXUS: Please don't leave me...

Show Choice: Leave/Ask her a question
[Leave] Case
RHUE: I nearly loved you.
[RHUE walks through the door.]
Play SE: Barrier
Note: Last screen with Lexus.  Walk through trippy hallways toward light.
      Deal with Lexus at the end of she is there.  Make choice to take sword and this paves
      the way for the 3rd ending.

Teleport: 0326:Strange, but true? (006,004) [Ask her a question] Case

[RHUE asks LEXUS something, and has a chance to stay with her in Dream Estrana at the end.]

END Case

The Beginning. (027,001) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: WindSoft

[Pan across a sword stuck in the ground as five birds fly by; depending on the ending, RHUE and KLOE may be looking at it. If RHUE is there, when he says “…”, his expression and actions change depending on whether he won his plunge with the PHANTOM SLASHER.]

Change Switch: [1400:Birds Off]-ON Set
[Fade to black.]
Show Picture: 1, Zz_The_Beginning

Displays: “The Beginning”.

Note: 21 seconds for reflection...
FORK Optn: Switch [1675:Another End?] - ON
Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
Teleport: 0154:Table For Two? (013,014)
GOTO Label: 3No
END Case
Note: =====================
      Overlay transparent picture over it.

Change Switch: [2220:END OF EPISODE 6]-ON Set
Teleport: 0005:EpisodeSaveScreen (000,000)

The Beginning. (012,019) EV0001:

Note: Five birds fly nimbly by
Note: Stones throw away from the river of life

“The river of life”? Symbolic or literal? There is a real river there…

The Arena - G Palace (001,001) ENTRANCE:

Note: It's a nice crowd.  Isn't it?  Sometimes I wonder why know one has done anything like
      this before.  At least from what I've seen no one's done it.  But I don't play many games
      these days.  I have the time, I just choose to spend it doing "productive" things I guess.
Note: I'm sure many people feel I've wasted my time with The Way, but I don't know if that can
      be said.  I really won't know till the end of my life I suppose.   Or maybe not until after.

The Arena - G Palace (016,008) STAND STILL CROWD:

Note: What no one sees, no one knows.

True. But this note was seen, and is known.

The Arena - G Palace (026,013) STAND STILL CROWD:

Note: Sometimes I feel stopped.  Nothing is moving forward except time.
      Tension mounts.  Walls break.  Inspiration floods the plain.

The Arena - G Palace (036,017) Crowd Member:

Note: Why leave this woman here?  No one ever sees her and yet she's still here.
      Why hesitate to delete her?  I don't know.  My plans always grow greater and greater
      and I thought I'd need her.  But now new things occupy my mind.
Note: So I'll just let her stand idle, unseen, and unkown to the average person.
      But maybe she'll occupy someone else's mind someday.

Could Lun be talking about a real woman here, not just the unseen crowd member?

The Arena - G Palace (021,027) MASKED MAN MALICE:

Note: Masked Man Malice... That has to be the most brilliant thing ever.................................. no.

The Arena - G Palace (023,027) BIG HAT HENRY:

Note: BIG HAT HENRY.  He's probably bald.  So maybe he decided his thing could be
      wearing big hats.  The truth is that he smuggles illegal items and he uses his big hats to
      conceal them.  We only see one hat because I was too tired to make others.
Note: What???!!!  You make hats?  I used to.  That's pretty crazy.   No, the word is... I forget
      the word.  Oh well.
Note: Luke

…Okay Lun, I think you need more sleep.

Waiting Area (003,002) CONTROLLER:

Event Conditions: Switch [1553:Rhue is P. Champion] - ON
Note: I wanted something more spectacular, but there's only so much you can do.
      More, more, more....

[RHUE steps into the waiting area from the teleporter.]
MIDIAN: See, I told you he would
be fine.
SACRIFA: So it appears.

FORK Optn: Switch [0887:Lyrra in Party] - ON
LYRRA: He looks a little woozy to me.
END Case
FORK Optn: Switch [0885:Lexus in Party] - ON
[LEXUS walks a couple steps towards RHUE.]
LEXUS: Are you really okay, Rhue?
Don't lie about it if you're not.
END Case
RHUE: I'm better than ever.
Now let's get going.

Change Switch: [1581:Leave Waiting Room]-ON Set

I have a feeling that most of those who played The Way feel it is spectacular already. It’s not perfect, but what is?

Val Parra Cafe (018,028) LEXUS - SORYA:

Note: It was a hot day, but we were inside when we met.
      A complex.   A dome dedicated to the memory of
      brave soldiers.
Note: It was a random selection process.  How we ended
      up walking together I have no idea.
Note: She told me she liked my shirt.
Note: We got along.  I liked her.
Note: She was a happy girl.
Note: But the last time I saw her she
      was in tears.
Note: I could have helped her.
Note: But I didn't.
Note: Seeing her cry like that, I couldn't think straight.
Note: The panacea could have been in my hands in a moment.
Note: I'm still upset at myself.
Note: Stupid.

Soft Beach (012,005) CONTROLLER:

Note: Just the wind at first.
      Then Rhue sights her.
      Key music.

[RHUE walks a little towards the shore, and stops.]
RHUE: ...
Play BGM: BLexus
[Pan to show what RHUE sees: LEXUS, looking out on the ocean.]
Note: Lexus.   I met her in Texas.
      The two words rhyme.

                Are you angry?
RHUE: ... Angry?
                It's tough, you know?
RHUE: What is?
                Loving someone.
RHUE: ...
          Sometimes it makes you wish...
          Wish that you were different...
          Wish for so many things.
          Do you think it's fate...
          that we are who we are?
RHUE: I don't know.
          Do you believe people can change?
RHUE: I think so.
          I hope.

[RHUE walks closer to LEXUS.]
RHUE: You're not the only one who
has made mistakes.
          ... I don't want to make another.
RHUE: Please, just forget about it.

[LEXUS turns to face RHUE.]
LEXUS: Not having you in my life...
That would be a mistake.
LEXUS: Please... don't leave me.  Not yet.
RHUE: ...

Fade-Out BGM: 3s.
[Fade to black.]
Lexus joined.
[LEXUS joins the party.]
Change Switch: [0885:Lexus in Party]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1760:Opened Tomb]-ON Set
Play BGM: WayTheCity
Teleport: 0218:The City (172,120)

Lexus, like Nomi, “the Girl”, and possibly other characters as well, is someone Lun really knew.

The Girl's Home (006,002) CONTROLLER:

Play BGM: WayTheCity
[RHUE wakes up in THE GIRL’s bed.]
Note: I once woke up in an unfamiliar room, to an unfamiliar but lovely face.
THE GIRL: Hello.
RHUE: Uh... hi.
RHUE: ...
THE GIRL: Uh, how are you?
RHUE: ... I'm...
RHUE: Where am I?
THE GIRL: The outer city.

Note: I had entered into a new world.
RHUE: Outer city?
Note: My existence was thin.  A transistor with two rectifying junctions...
      The currents of the universe flowing through my terminals.
      Input.  Output.  She was weary, but she smiled at me.

THE GIRL: Near the Shadow Inn and the
House of Pnoe.
RHUE: Outer city... Estrana?
RHUE: I don't understand...
I was at the End of the Way...

Note: I had heard the echoes of this place.
THE GIRL: End of the Way huh?  I found
you in the street!
RHUE: What?!
THE GIRL: Yea, you were passed out
in the middle of the street.
RHUE: ...
THE GIRL: Don't look at me like that!
I'm telling you the truth!
RHUE: Truth huh... And you always
bring people you find passed out in
the street to your home?
THE GIRL: Well... no...
RHUE: Who told you to bring me here?
THE GIRL: No one!  I did it on my own!
RHUE: Why?

Note: "Because we wanted to."  Isn't that a reason?
      Why did you want to?  Ask a psychologist, they will tell you. Just remember that the
      science of the mind is as open as the soul to perception.
Note: No, there's a difference.
      I know.  But you can't ever hope to distinguish between the two on this plane.

THE GIRL: Sheesh, can't you just be

Note: Yes.
RHUE: ...
THE GIRL: You seemed nice enough
when I met you outside
the city a while back.
RHUE: ...
THE GIRL: Don't you remember me?

Note: I can't remember.  It's a limitation of my mind.  But maybe it is has seeped into my soul.
      I'll regain it later.

RHUE: (I thought that was a dream.)
THE GIRL: You don't remember me?!
RHUE: I didn't say that...
RHUE: Sorry, I'm just a little confused
right now. (Actually, more than
a little.)

Note: Confusion is native to chaos.  And order is born of understanding.
THE GIRL: About what?
RHUE: You wouldn't understand.

Note: Understanding is difficult.  And for some it becomes impossible.
THE GIRL: Maybe not, but that doesn't mean
I can't help.

Note: Some try.
RHUE: How could you help me?
Note: But too many such attempts seem wasteful and futile.
THE GIRL: I work at the House of Pnoe.
Lots of different people gather
there.  Someone there could
probably help you sort things out.

Note: Exposure to differences aides in understanding.
RHUE: House of Pnoe?  Weird.
Note: Some find such exposure to be distasteful.  They choose the comfort of ignorance to raise
      their perceptions of superiority.

THE GIRL: Why don't you drop by sometime?
It's right next to the Shadow Inn.
THE GIRL: Besides, it can't hurt, can it?
RHUE: Probably not...

Note: Some think it is  more important to worry about truth than superiority.
      They would sell a nation to find truth.

THE GIRL: My shift is starting soon so
I'd better get going now.
Nice meeting you again.
RHUE: Yea...

[THE GIRL leaves.]
Note: ===============

RHUE: (She must be either very
naive or very poor to let me
stay in her house unattended.)
RHUE: The House of Pnoe...
Maybe I'll go there...

Change Switch: [1023:SCN - Girl_House]-ON Set
Change Switch: [1024:SCN - Pnoe #1]-ON Set

More evidence that Lun knew “the Girl”. It’s interesting that she is never named…. Did Rhue learn her name and not say it, or did he never even ask?

The Girl's Home (011,007) THE GIRL:

Note: She plays violin for shows at the concert hall.
      She practices daily between her shifts, preparing for her big solo at the next show.
      Who will notice and remember?

“Who will notice and remember?” Probably anyone who found this note.

The Girl's Home (010,005) EV0002:

RHUE: (I don't know what this is
supposed to be.)

Note: A picture is worth a thousand words.


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